Holidays abroad are expensive, only Hungary and Bulgaria are suitable

For the third year in a row, travel has increased. I blame the high inflation in Turkey and Egypt and the value of the koruna. This year, it is allowed by an average of 16 percent compared to the losk.

Last year, the devaluation of the koruna reduced its purchasing power by three percent, this year it is expected to fall by another percent. Together with other influences, this allowed an average of 16 percent. Which countries to go to for the same or similar pensions as last year?

Last year’s hit was a holiday in Hungary, which, together with Bulgaria and thus Slovakia, belongs to countries where it is cheaper for Czech tourists than at home. For a thousand crowns, two buyers will buy in Hungary, which should have a value of 1,130 crowns in the Czech Republic, in Bulgaria, for a thousand crowns, buy as in the US for 1,334 crowns.

Last year, 785 thousand people spent their holidays in Croatia. According to the experience of people who have taken a holiday here, the prices in shops near the Adriatic Sea are at the same level as in the Czech Republic. In restaurants, guesthouses and services, tourists often have something to do. Every year, prices are adjusted according to inflation and a certain increase in prices also occurs as a result of investments in accommodation capacities or a significant improvement in services, says Klaudio Stojni, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Prague.

In Egypt, prices rose by a fifth

In other countries where he travels most often, the traveler has to deal with the fact that he will pay more for comparable goods and services than they would spend in the country. They could honor it, for example, in Egypt, where prices have risen by 22 percent this year. The question is how the city’s 10 percent inflation and the strong depreciation of the Egyptian pound will be reflected in their travel agency prices. Their pricing policy will be a significant factor that will decide whether the upward trend in the popularity of this destination will break this year, explains the main economist of UniCredit Bank Pavel Sobek. rad

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While last year Turkey joined the cheaper countries, this year we will pay 12 percent more than last year. This is due to high local inflation and a strong domestic currency. More will be allowed in Tunisia, where the stay was 8.7 percent. Even a trip to another center of Europe, Greece, Spain and Italy tourist banking and nepot.

The most accessible of these countries is the town, where under the Czech press goods and services worth 750 crowns. Another 40 crowns less equivalent will be given in Spain, while in Italy it will have a value of thousands of crowns worth only 640 crowns.

The most expensive for the Czechs in France

Still the earliest for Czech visitors to come from a Western European country. In Germany, Austria and France, the thousand-crown banknote has a relative value of only around 600 crowns, which is not a new product. Although prices did not rise sharply in these countries, this was caused by the devaluation of the Czech koruna.

Relative price changes in most EU countries against the Czech Republic since last year do not exceed two percent and will remain difficult for ordinary tourists, confirms Pavel Sobek. The most expensive for the Czech Republic has long been France, where the Czech Republic this year is worth only 590 crowns. According to the STEM / MARK survey for the Cetelem company, most people meet the fact that on holiday they can fit up to 15 thousand crowns per person for stay, food and transport.