New record: The average mortgage rate fell to just 2.81 percent

The bottom has not been confirmed yet and the records continue. Although not by much, pesto go down for years. The average mortgage rate fell from 2.88 percent in April to 2.81 percent in May.

The interest in the mortgage wakes up again. According to Fincentrum Hypoindex, 8,103 clients drank to the banks in May to negotiate a mortgage, o910 people did not miss the MSc. The volumes of pjench pensions also increased by 1.5 billion crowns.

“Thanks to mass action, they offer two practically unattainable rates since the introduction of new formations in the years of reading. While in the past these rates were unattainable, it is almost unreasonable not to try to negotiate a rate. Clients who meet mortgages at current rates and who have also learned that banks can even claim a significant discount will not be willing to passively accept any rate at future levels, ”says Josef Rajdl, Fincentrum’s chief analyst.

“The Czech market is really highly competitive in the field of mortgages, clients have become accustomed to comparing the offers of several banking houses, or to choose a simple way to help a professional financial advisor,” adds Filip Ducho from Fincentrum.

Banks stle dream: discounts, promotions, bonuses…

“Banks want to make the most of the current situation, there is a second wave of shortcomings of large banks in a short time. In the coming months, therefore, we will see that the competitive pressure pushes the index of 70 percent mortgages (GOFI70) below 2.8 percent and Hypoindex will sharply increase this limit, ”comments Libor Ostatek, CEO of Golem Finance.

esk spoitelna launched on its Facebook event: everyone who registers through a special application guarantees a one-year rate of 2.68 percent. And if no more than 250 people participate in the event within 14 days, the bank will take the rate at 2.38 percent. The promotion applies to new mortgages with a fixation package concluded by July 31, 2014, the offer can also be obtained for refinancing mortgages from other banks. Those who prefer personal contact with a counselor will not be short. Clients can apply for a mortgage at Sppoitelna branches with a suitable rate of 2.69 percent, while refinancing from another bank they also have a free real estate appraisal.

GE Money Bank offers a one-year discount on rates of mortgage rates with a fixed rate of 10 years. Clients can thus get a rate of 2.29 percent for the first year. The offer will be paid until the end of August and can be forced out by new mortgage applicants, even those who come to GE Money Bank to refinance from another bank. “We want to make it easier for clients to travel to their own homes, which is why we are offering a full percentage discount on years of rates. During the first 12 months of fulfillment, they can save, for example, a two-million-year-old bank for 25 years and six thousand crowns, ”to Tom Kostrhoun, mortgage manager at GE Money Bank.

Senbank, Oberbank, Komern banka and Wstenrot hypoten banka announced dream rates and gave pricing benefits to clients.

The availability of housing is deteriorating

years have been steadily declining, but house prices are rising. The average price of a flat in the Czech Republic increased by 40 thousand crowns to 1.76 million crowns, which means a deterioration in the availability of housing.

“The first signal of a change in the trend was sent by Prague a year ago, and since then the average price has risen by half a million crowns,” said Libor Ostatek. And this, of course, was reflected in regional housing affordability statistics. The largest intermediate numbers were recorded in the Hradec Králové, Moravian-Silesian, Karlovy Vary and Pilsen regions.