Sanctions will pass in Russia, Putin rejoices. ek ekonomick rozkvt

Vladimir Putin does not agree to restrict foreign currency or capital in Russia. On investment investment in Moscow, where the issue of sanctions against Russia took place, he said that his country was experiencing economic prosperity. He wants to overcome the crisis with an active ruble and claims that some foreign investment in Russia is growing. sla nicmn speak otherwise.

Russia’s economy will be open for a long time, Moscow did not intend to limit peshranin obh penz or capital. On investinm fru in Moscow called Russia vol! this was stated by President Vladimir Putin. According to him, Russia will maintain the security of the World Trade Organization (WTO), unlike some of its founders.

We do not have the full introduction of restrictions on foreign currencies or the movement of capital, the Russian president said at a conference that will encourage the influx of foreign investment during the period of sanctions between Russia and the Western countries. Although Putin tried to point out the positive trends in the development of the Russian economy, an independent expert is evaluated. This year’s outflow of investment is estimated at 100 and 120 billion dollars, inflation is around eight percent, the exchange rate has blended critically 40 rubles per dollar.

Putin said in a speech that in the future, the US dollar could replace the national currency in Russia’s foreign trade transactions. We have in mind the active use of national currencies in the trade in energy resources with it and other states, said the Russian president. According to him, the development of national currencies is an important tool for reducing economic risks.

Sanctions as the startr of the economy

In his speech, the Kremlin predicted a significant leap in the development of Russian industry, especially in the manufacturing industries. Along with the development of foreign trade, encouraging exports and participation in integrated processes, we will make full use of one of Russia’s competitive advantages – a large volume of the internal market. Our goal is to secure an industrial leap in the coming years and create a strong, competitive national company in the manufacturing sectors, the president said.

Putin pointed out that despite the sanctions of many foreign investors did not leave Russia. Many serious investors and two economies of partners have been increasing their investments in various sectors of our economy, he said. Foreign pressure, its manifestation are anti-Russian sanctions due to the Ukrainian crisis, according to the President only strengthened Moscow’s determination to achieve the result in priority directions.

It is a powerful stimulus for the development of scientific research, for the modernization of industry and infrastructure, for the creation of new jobs and for increasing the quality of life of Russian citizens, Putin said. According to him, Russia will become a strong, free and prosperous country open to the world.