Although energy prices are not rising, there are several ways to dream

Advertising spots are always paid for by payments for electricity and gas, when the customer changes suppliers. Is the dispute reln? D will learn otherwise.

Losk winter was mild, so the gas and electricity supply was not a horror in most of the household, but on the contrary, people often managed to pay extra. The bag cannot be relied on in the future.

Although the winter of 2014/2015 should not be unfavorable for customers from the point of view of final electricity prices. In April of this year, the price of electricity forces hit the energy stock market at an all-time low of 33 euros / MWh (908 K / MWh). On average, they bought for 34.5 euros during the year, which is the aunt’s price of the commodity compared to 2008, to Zdenk Mak from Europe Easy Energy. Because electricity is always bought for five years, you are not very healthy.

It is impossible to expect or cheap electricity is traded in euros, and in them the koruna has weakened sharply. The uncertain future also plays a role due to the situation in Ukraine. Set and underlined: any discount and health will be barely noticeable.

The prices for 2015 will be known and around November 30, 2014. We must pay attention to the introduction of regulated prices by the Energy Regulatory Council. This suggests that the price of electricity will not rise sharply, is stagnant, or even slightly cheaper, explains Petr Holubec from Prask energetika. Other experts express similar caution. It is similar with gas prices, their development practically copies the curve of electricity prices.

People can dream of electricity and gas in several ways. When I use them all, the dispute can be really noticeable:

1.Don’t float

In many households, it is still possible to spend hundreds and thousands of crowns on a year-round basis. With the LED light, low-power technology, the device is switched off from stand-by mode (read more here).

2.Right rate and rate

Dalm step to spoe is to check your rate, service and used supplier’s tariff. This is not easy with most commercial calculators, namely the strict back rate that the client can assign. The idea is to try to enter other rates in the calculator, not on the invoice.

For example, if you use the pmotope rate with a large number of hours in a low tariff for heating in a family house, but you have already removed the pmotopes, you may not pay the fixed fees associated with the rate.

The difference in the price of a kilowatt hour in the case of normal consumption does not charge a fee for the distribution rate, then it pays to contact the customer center and have the most suitable option, recommends Barbora Plpnov from EZ.


At the same time, cautious customers can insure low electricity prices by choosing a product from their supplier’s offer that binds them for a certain period of time (usually two years) and at the same time promises not to raise electricity prices for this period. If you are considering fixing, at the time of the business conditions pay off a tariff where the price of electricity is fixed in case of health (the supplier will not fail), in case of a discount bag, the price will go down. This is how Prask energetika, for example, wants fixation.

4.Transfer elsewhere

Do not fold, you can order the supply yourself or call the so-called energy auction. You have one disadvantage, a large supplier, such as EZ, E. ON, RWE and Bohemia Energy, is in principle neastn.

5.Another aspect

The price for electricity is not everything, you should definitely take into account whether the company provides good service and does not charge you fees for calling its information line. The price for energy can be acceptable for someone, when they often use, for example, discounts on cultural events, as offered to their clients by EZ, RWE and Prask plynrensk.