ATMs in remote towns are in danger

Although you are obese at the ATM, you may still find out in time that you are losing your pension. Fraudsters are still brazen. The new device for copying data from payment cards will essentially replace the entire ATM panel, including the keyboard.

This year, the police recorded a massive number of installed skimmers (cards for copying) in ATMs in ATMs. During the whole year, the police officers discovered 15 cases, this year there are 54 of them. more here

It is not always possible to check the ATM

The way to get a pension abroad is a whole range. In most cases, the perpetrator is immediately behind the weakest link in the chain, and that is the user of the banking service – in this case, the holder of the payment card.

ATM modified

The novelty is not skimming as such, but its modified design. The whole panel is attached to the ATM immediately, which with its size, processing and used material of the waves imitates both the vertical wall of the ATM and the horizontal. This modified horizontal panel of the ATM is able to record the selected PIN combination. Clients entered with PINs are recorded in the device memory, which is a part of the panel. Illegal data retrieval can be immediately penetized by a mobile phone.

The next one is a miniature camera and a camera, which were also standard. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to armor, at least a keystroke when entering the PIN.

Contact the bank or the police

The only case where a control panel has been installed at an ATM is the Czech Savings Bank. According to the release of Kristny Havliger from esk spoitelny bag to the damaged client in this case did not go down. The location of the incriminated ATM and whether or not it was equipped with a new anti-skimming device, the bag with reference to security refused to communicate. The bag definitely recommends that if the client suddenly suspects anything at the ATM, he notifies the police and the bank and prefers not to use the ATM.

According to the spokesman of the Police Presidium, Roman Skepek, however, the investigator records all cases in the case of the victims. The code can also be revealed several months after copying the data to the payment card. It is not decisive for the case, the deeds themselves are criminal. The perpetrator of the threat in the fall revealed ten and fifteen years taken.

Skimmovac devices are home-made and their occurrence is not limited to a specific ATM or to a specific country, Skepek added for Similar cases so do neighboring countries.

What does the last skimmovacho model look like?

Skimmovac zazen consists of two st. One of the data of the inserted payment card and the other can obtain a PIN. If the device is installed in an ATM, nothing is obvious at first glance.

The liquid is either attached to the vertical wall of the ATM or to the nail into which the payment card is inserted.

PIN then fraudsters get the help of a miniature camera, which is located in the keyboard. A small handle is drilled into the cast, which the camera and the camera captured with the PIN.

Beware of “removed” ATMs
The vast majority of ATMs where skimming has occurred were located outside bank buildings and in busy cities. often, such ATMs are completely self-employed. In one case, the bag was also detected in the bank.

Therefore, before each withdrawal from an ATM, it is better, among other things, to watch the surroundings and the movement around. The local device is usually inspected by the perpetrator from close proximity. The skimmer itself will not “stay” at the ATM for long. The perpetrator will usually get the data of a few young people, dismantle the zazen and move it elsewhere.

Banks also want to arm their clients against skimming
Copying data from payment cards with the help of scanning devices is one of the most common ways of card misuse. Banks try to prevent it in various ways, which is why they often place so-called anti-skimming devices on their ATMs. It fully fulfills its function for a while, but it is not always likely to meet with understanding. They can even, only in the short term, spe opan effect. often such a device takes the form of various attachments, so people can quite easily replace it with a copier device.