Attach cameras to the Lutch bus. The company tvrd that kvli niezenosti

Cameras began to appear in the Student Agency’s lutch buses, which brake the route between Prague and Brno. According to the company, the weapons should be preceded by a bag of luggage or used as evidence in the event of an accident. These employees are usually monitored.

Speak to Ale Ondrj, but such speculation refuses. “We just want to test cameras that can enhance the safety of passengers and employees. Take the main sides of the bus with cargo space, which can be prevented by a pile of passengers’ luggage. One camera will capture the road in front of the bus as evidence in the event of an accident, ”Ondrj explained. According to him, this issue was discussed by leading employees who ride “improved” buses.

But some employees disagree. “We know there are cameras in the buses. What will it take? Will they check nai prci along the way? Is anyone watching it, or is it evaluated backwards? None of that is clear, ”described one of the student agency’s flight attendants, who does not want to publish her name.

Her colleague is different: “If it turns out that I am checked in this way, it will go away for me. And I don’t think I’ll sm, “he claims.

Camera at snm inside the bus, but not allowed

Student Agency pitom pipout that one of the cameras snm i inside the bus. “But there is only a steering wheel and a dashboard in the collection,” he emphasized, adding that the company is one of the local cameras for the protection of personal data.

ad but about the fact that the cameras in the buses are in operation, nothing. “I’ll find out now that the EU works in the cars. The Student Agency ns actually registered the registration of cameras in its buses. For this, however, it is necessary to give the information that we issued and have not received yet. We can’t decide until then, “said Hana Tpnkov.

She added that only unapproved cameras contradict the law. According to them, it is the employees themselves that prohibit the work except for special cases, such as banks or directives.

Experts warn that the camera is generally pibv. “According to the number of questions that come to the counseling center, it is obvious that it is still a common phenomenon. This is due to the rapid development of technologies that are still sophisticated and accessible, ”pointed out Kateina Hlatk from the Iuridicum Remedium association, which deals with disabled private employees.