Banking news: in case of dissatisfaction with this pension

So far, the only one that clients are trying to wait for a guaranteed refund of flat fees in case they decide to cancel their world within 6 months has escaped from the relentless offer of new and new personalities. The package itself is far from suitable for anyone.

Do you belong to the group of those who do not have a day, or are you not a fully satisfied client of your current bank and are you considering changing it? Then first on vs m news that pin GE Money Bank. It promises each client who has now set up one of their genius accounts (Genius Active and Genius Active + accounts for individuals and Genius Business Active accounts for individuals) to back up and return in 6 months if they decide not to use it. and cancel.

The cheapest of the changed pairs intended for natural persons who are not entrepreneurs will cost 119 crowns (Genius Active), and the price will cost 169 crowns. The business accounts for 159 crowns msn and pa 1010 crowns for msc. “Due to the importance of Genius Active, GE Money Bank is the first to allow itself to offer a refund of a pause, if the client decides not to use it for any reason within 6 msc of the establishment. Thanks to that, I really want to see its benefits now, “to Jan Rollo, Director of Retail Banking at GE Money Bank.

Definitely a suitable account, the genile account becomes at least for the first six months, both for the active and passive client. If you do not mind undergoing the entire process of obtaining and closing accounts, get a full year for free. If you do not change the bank, then the price will remain interesting for all only if its actual active state. From the point of view of a client-passive user of services, there is a bag on the market for dark dram.

The question is what will happen, and the Czech client cleverly chose it after six months and really canceled it again at GE Money Bank. And that’s just to make sure you put in the holidays.

An overview of selected data of selected non-business individuals in K

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Active account



GE Money Bank

Genius Active



Komern bank

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* entries are quarterly, not smaller than for the remaining ones

Active client: et e-banking, 10 one-time orders to another bank entered with the help of el. overdraft

Passive client: et s el.bankovnictvm, 2 one-time orders to another bank entered with the help of, 2 incoming items, 2 permanent orders, 1 payment SIPO, msn entry, 5krt SMS check first balance, unembossed payment card, 2 withdrawals from ATM and overdraft

The competition is different

While the guaranteed refund fee is offered by only one bank, we are much more likely to encounter fee breaks. Within their framework, the account is, if the client observes the set deadline for his / her appointment, usually for a certain period of time deducted from the selected fees.

Only Oberbank AG took this path this year. The condition for ron holiday fees irokonta is married to the 15th of this year. If you meet this deadline, get free guidance here until the end of 2008, free the first year free international payment cards according to the collection and internet banking. In addition to every private, there is a spoic et Specil with a very interesting year – 2.25% pa, without any notice period. After a year, then, of course, according to specific parameters, the average price.

SOB lk clients to their Active account and design their own card free of charge. So if you have a SOB Active Account here and you manage to do so by the last June of this year, you can have a VISA Classic card with your own design made for you and your partner free of charge. Bn is a bank payment of 200 crowns for this service. If you only want an electronic card, or an embossed one, but a MasterCard, you will immediately forget about this offer.

esk spoitelna set out to fight for a client on August 10 this year, when it officially launched the sale of its new product – Personal here. Bute look at yours here, to one of the passwords on the bank’s website. In this case, you can choose and pay only for the services that you really use. From its active offer, the bank has definitely eliminated the classic account packages – Comprehensive and Suitable program. The same fate befell a number of urns dedicated to senior clients. Find out more about the new Personal here HERE.

A new account that you can make according to your ideas, ie choose only the actually used products and services, imagine halfway from Raiffeisenbank.

Every time you take a step, you are invited.
As elsewhere, salary in bank services also gives you a very welcome time, after which you will bid. If you choose a package for all the wrong products, you will pay for services that you will not use at all. In addition to the price when choosing services, do not forget about other factors, such as satisfaction with the service, the range of services provided, the proximity of branches and the availability of ATMs.

The fact that a conservative Czech client during the probationary period in case of dissatisfaction and real cancellation cannot be said much. Once you vs the bank in any way once “catch” you, in all likelihood you won’t just leave. that bank clients have a lot to do with foreign ones. In the UK, for example, these clients are willing to change their bank with the slightest dissatisfaction.