Beware of very inappropriate guidelines, which will cost you more

If you are going to the mountains abroad or somewhere for the heat, you will probably need cash in a foreign currency. If you go to one of the directions, choose cautiously. Somewhere you will easily know the known inappropriate courses.

Akoliv poulin smnrny obecn vychzej vhodnji ne bankovn (vce se dotete HERE), caution pays off.

Last week, we stumbled upon a bus in the center of Prague – InterCHANGE at Vclavské nmst 21 (in the Debenhams department store), where they offered a somewhat special course. Compare our table, no extra bag with shift fees.

Smnrna Exchange rate nkup (18.10.) Exchange rate sale (18.10.) How much will the purchase cost 500 EUR
(in K)
How much will the sale cost 500 EUR
(in K
Difference (in K)
InterCHANGE 20,91 31,02 10 455 15 510 5055
eXchange 27,3 27,7 13 650 13 850 200
UNDER 26,84 28,1 13 420 14 050 630
S 26,76 28,14 13 380 14 070 690


The fees you may encounter with these exchange offices and banks range from scratch – in the case of InterCHANGE and eXchange, but also esk spoitelny (for the sale of currencies over 10 thousand CZK). The largest bag was 281 crowns per transaction, at SOB in case of purchase (the fee is according to the tariff 2%, at least the bag 50 crowns).

The newsroom reported to InterCHANGE on the price policy issue. According to its employees, only the executive who is currently abroad can speak for the company.

It is obvious that the thousandth difference (after the exchange fee is included) is really significant. Honor him tm sp, if you need to change stky drive a lot you. The policy of this directive is very simple. This is a tourist attraction in the city center and so that few tourists watch the offers of individual directions.

Smna penz is obchod jako kad jin

Always before you decide to use the services of some specific guidelines, at least research the market a bit (for example on the Internet). It pays to take a step further and give advice and experience to them. However, what was true may not be valid today. The exchange rate is often changed in one day, the fees usually remain the same.

Let the employee of the directive inform you about the suitability and unsuitability of the offer. Those with the total price of the exchange can relatively well bend. The differences, even for changes in one street, can init and aunt the value of the course.

Hints and tips

* compare the first offers of the nearest changes
(and on the internet)
* Poulin guidelines usually offer suitable courses,
however, this is not always true (see example)
* if you need cash, follow the exchange rates
* buy x take the sale from the point of view of the directive
* don’t forget the shift fees
* as a rule, do not exchange coins in foreign currency for esk
(possibly only selected, and in addition with a high fee)