Buying real estate as an investment is currently not worth it, to experts

In terms of economic growth, 2011 will be one of the most weak in Czech history. Analyst Ji Tyleek from X-Trade Brokers advised in this year and what kind of shares, bonds and commodities to invest in.

“The basis of every investment is the teaching that historical returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Of course, the wage on growing commodities or stocks will pay off further, but the profit potential is decreasing with each percentage point up. The risks of the bag remain high, ”said Ji Tyleek.

According to Tyleek, he noted that the day the indebted country did not pay even a crown of its debts and the problem was constantly growing. Konen and someone will have to pay. For the time being, Lebn kra works on the principle of reducing heat, and this is well known. At present, there is no reason for not to grow in growth thanks to the provision of governments and large central banks. The markets will send a full and long-term yard, and the problems will not only be postponed, but not so.

“The day of the world of investment is really big. The good old “buy and hold” strategy will be exhausted, at least in the financial markets. It is better than ever to select individual instruments and approach investments responsibly. Therefore, please take my views as one of the most likely scenes for further development. No one can accurately estimate the steps of politicians around the world that are so interfering in the global economy, “said Ji Tyleek at the end of the online interview.