Day D: D million crowns for glued broken hockey sticks. Blindly stick your tongue out

In the hockey competition, the hockey player will kill thousands of expensive hockey sticks during the season. Petr Hrabk from Havov figured out how to break the cane cheaply and easily so that handcuffs can be ridden. He wants a million for his aunt in the company. D to go out in the sun, mn.

Petr Hrabk with the lmnm of carbon hockey sticks personal experience. His son played hockey, and his dark father found out in the winter stadiums that hockey sticks did not last long and often broke.

Buy a new one will cost you and pt thousand crowns. Sticking with a prun with a set invented by Petr is for grandma. A number of hockey clubs and parents who invest in their talented sons could save money.

a quarter of hockey sticks don’t have to end up in the trash

“Hockey in our country is played by ten thousand active hockey players, who in one season broke about 40 thousand hockey sticks, about a quarter should be repaired, Petr Hrabk told investors. “And does someone else fix the hockey sticks, you and others?” probes investor Ivan Piln.

Competition in the ideas of how to manage sticks is very high. Petr is only about two people and one of them wants to buy a set of cardboard sticks from him. The whole tweak, how to fix the stick for the crowns, starts in the handle of the shaped insert, which is both glued together. Petr grinded her and tested several MSc.

“I’m going to fix 40 and 80 holms like this,” the investor said before. “Speak to him, I’m sorry, the tongue is fully glued together,” take a short pause. Be ready Michael Rostock offer his water so that Peter can drink, his tongue is detached and he can continue. “Bute rd, e nen sugar,” he jokes.

esk tweak is easy to steal

Repairing hockey stick breaker Petr Hrabk but not. The family company he wants to start wants to make a string for gluing hockey sticks and sell them abroad. Therefore, Marta Novková is interested in export opportunities.

“We want to establish ourselves in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and then Russia. That is, in countries where people think of every “crown” and prefer to fix a hockey stick, not buy a new one. In western Europe, sales will not be so big, clubs have more pensions, they are time for sure, ”says Petr.

The cost of starting a family business, in which investors can get a 30 percent share for one million crowns, are, according to them, waterless. Petr wants to produce a total of 200 thousand crowns for the production of prunch sets, and marketing costs should reach 700 thousand crowns in three years. “I will go around the stadiums, contact customers in person, present my system at trade fairs and exhibitions,” Hrabk advocates high marketing costs.

In addition, all investors agree that the idea can be easily stolen because Petr does not patent it. Dana Brov refuses the investment first. After all, bloom out.

“Did you do a patent reeri, did you consult with a patent expert?” ask Ivan Piln. Petr writes that obtaining a patent takes a long time and in addition it is a lot of money. However, Urit could have his idea registered on the patent file as an industrial design. “They told me it was mon.” Not even Michael Rostock can invest in it, which can be easily copied. “I don’t eat,” to be clear.

Npad wouldn’t be surprised, spot Okamura

“You had to work, you wanted to pay a lot of money, you underestimated the preparation,” values ​​Ivan Piln. The whole project seems unreliable for him and as an investor I also want to talk about it. “It took me a while, you didn’t find the first step, but for the others it won’t take that long. You will live with it for a while with your son and brother, but without me. Thank you, I don’t know, ”Marta Novkov also opened.

Posledn anci me dt Petrovi jet Tomio Okamura. But I know the objections to the financial full “Pete, if it will live in time, I strongly doubt it.” The salary of three employees can reach just over 400 thousand crowns in the competition. “But we will work two in the first year,” says Hrabk. “To be satisfied with a salary of 20 thousand crowns a month, it will take time for us to find out what we probably agree on,” Okamura countered, investing in the case immediately.