Day D: Let’s refuse to dissolve two million in ads, investors agreed

Father and son Kubn are full of returning people who have lost their knees. Ask the investor two million. The cell is a bag I want to invest in advertising, and investors don’t like it. They are not even convinced that only two of them will be able to manage the whole project.

Seven dl of D-Day is in the first half and two mui, father Karel Kubna and his son Karel, appear in front of investors. Introduce the Save Key project, which will allow people to recover from a lost key. The investor invests two million for a twenty percent share in his company.

“It simply came to our notice then. Buy a klov pvsek, register it online or with a pilot card and hang kl on your bundle, ”said Father Karel about the presentation of the project.

And what happens when you lose or forget your key? “The finder who finds the find is a good idea for the next pot to store the instructions that are on the keel. Then these keys will be delivered to our address, the company Save Key, and we will inform you immediately by sms, or by phone, or by e-mail that the keys have arrived a day and then we will deliver them, respectively. We will send it in the form of valuable writing to your address, ”Kubna explains the essence of the service offered.

A similar project, which I want to introduce to Kubna in the Czech Republic, has been working for many years in many European countries.

The play is not przkum a sz and obanskou solidaritu

After getting acquainted with the project of Mr. Kubnov, Tomio Okamura will take the floor and his question will start a discussion about the honesty of them. “I wonder how you’re going to motivate that hard key to put it in a sweat box?” Karel Kubna is convinced that civil solidarity will increase.

Ovem Okamura did not know his function in the Czech Republic: “In all this civil solidarity is much less than in those western countries.” Kubna told him that he had lost his way through the cities and lost the city police: “There, these lost are literally piles and 90 percent of them are from the car. I personally visited them and assume that if the finder does not arrest to find the clef and still is across the city or across the city, miss you two or three sweat boxes and take it to the city to lose and find, then for he did not make this simple promise. “

I want to invest two million in advertising

Konen and investors get to the main element of their investment. Ivan Piln takes the floor: “What to do with those two million. What do you need them for? ” Karel answers that he wants to invest all his pensions in marketing, advertising, especially advertising on the Internet, but also in magazines and magazines.

“Do you have any full marketing? For two million, it would be worth it, ”asked Ivan Piln. “We would like to shine some kind of advertising or marketing agent,” Kubna replies. This answer Pilnho, alley Okamuru vyds.

Dan Brova is interested in how they want to sell their song to Kubn, offer it to potential recipients. Even that, they have been washed again, arrange with a Czech sweat, put in full filling stations and so companies that could sing their clients like an advertising drek. The piece of the song is a small wheel that can be tied to shopping carts and companies on it can present their logo.

The project requires intensive work, two people will not be able to do it

Marta Novkov, who wants to know who actually works in the company, how the current company structure is, also gets the floor. He learns that 75% is based on Karel senior, who donates the company to the company. Karel is 25 percent young, and currently works in one of Prague’s law firms as a trainee lawyer.

This company will have to employ and give people, especially those who will call the owners of the lost keys. Kubnovi is considering two employees. Secretly, with the fact that the sold songs will reach them and five percent of the lost keys. Investors are worried that two people will call it all.

Marta Novkov continues to ask about the company’s staff. She is interested in who will be involved in the distribution and sale of pvsk. Find out that the father and son will be in charge. But in that case, the son does not want to give up his work in the law firm. This discourages Marta Novková so much that she refuses to invest in the project.

“One of the things I consider quite important is for those interested in investing in business to be fully involved. What you have mentioned is quite a huge amount of work. Not even two people are able to handle it in this volume, and I am not the one who would like to participate in it, ”concludes St. Novkov. He is the second dismissal after Michael Rostock, who has a full-fledged business.

Not even Dana Brov Kubnovm St. pensions Sun. So she is convinced that the start-up of the project requires intensive work of more people, not only Karel senior and walls and junior. In addition, he thinks Kubn doesn’t even need his pension: “I don’t think you need the two million in principle, because when I have a house, you get along with them.” He does not want to invest his investment in advertising. Ivan Piln also shared her opinion.

Only Tomio Okamura and he will not invest in SafeKey. His objections revolve around the fact that Karel senior sm.