Day D: The plastic drkk was inherited from the grandfather by paint. Investors up to a million

Martin Fier and Hana Prochzkov drank a tool for painters and do-it-yourselfers in the D-Day program. Ask one million crowns for investors to start a business and offer ten percent for it.

Martin Fier is not just one of a number of inventors and do-it-yourselfers. He inherited his product, which should be the subject of his business, after his thanks. The paint spray is used to attach the can and to the drip tray.

“After a long time with me, I bought a lot of clients with this grit, and if I asked me where I got it, that this product was on the market, so I decided to invest in production and we started selling the grinders,” said his gluing Martin.

Ask investors one million crowns for ten percent. Explain the high level so that the product can be copied quickly, so they want to overwhelm the market and not give to other products.

In pedloench materials traders state that they sell 56,500 pieces of drk. They would like to expand to other countries of the European Union, but they lack a quality sales representative. Provisional sale el quite time.

“Of course, I started selling it here in the vicinity of Brno, because I dedicate myself to my craft, and when I was free, I sold it. Sales of total sun. Even the company called us and they started taking it from us, ”to Martin, a professional natra.

Dan Brova is interested in the sale price. “The recommended retail price would be 54 crowns and the wholesale price 35 crowns,” informs Hana Prochzkov. At first, they sold a free sticker on the Internet for 99 crowns, but due to the high price, they dreamed.

The investment is not worth it, but the offer is good

They sold 50,000 units last year, but only Martin made 50 percent of the sales. It is fully created with sales representatives who would pay 100 percent attention to it.

Tomio Okamura e, how they could sell 50 thousand drk in such a short time. In the end, it turns out that Martin and Hanka sold so many goods a week. Okamura grows inaccuracies in sales and begins to address the price of the product.

“You sell it for 35 crowns, the cost is 25, so the gross profit is 10 crowns. Offer me 10 percent million, ie. crown of one product. Simply put, to give me a million, if I think about the costs, I have to sell one million pieces, “Okamura said, adding,” but you ask in the materials that you sweat that there is an aunt’s handyman, ie. 938 thousand, as pete. More than a handyman in R, he would have to buy the product to be done at zero. ”

Tomio Okamura, I think about investing. Ivan Piln saw that it was only one product. “It is not true that when I have one representative sell 56 thousand products, also sell 450 thousand. Somewhere the market is saturated in some way. And as a hell of a limit, it will be sold well, because whoever wants to have it, I can, ”concludes his e Piln.

Lost in hearing

Investors guarantee that neither Hanka nor Martin know how they own a company. Pkn tangled up in the village. When they seem to leave empty-handed, Michael Rostock decides to make an offer to them. The condition of the bag is to be added by the investor.

There will even be a consultation with rei, and according to her information, Marta Novkov and Ivan Piln did not come out. If any of them made an offer, Michael Rostock would invest half a million in business for 25 percent, but in the end the only one who would be in such a business. The rules do not allow you to change the offer during the presentation, so Hanka and Martin leave empty-handed.