Due to the collapse of the road, she did not leave and drank 27 thousand crowns

In April this year, Alena Drbov from Prague ordered a congress for two in Sicily from the Conti travel agency. It was a dragon for Manela’s birthday. Only the dragon eventually became non mra.

In this case, the Conti travel agency acted as a seller, the congress was submitted by the Quality Tours travel agency. For sure, Mr. Drbov also went to the Quality Tours branch. She found out that the price is the same for the agency and the applicant and that the trip to her name is reserved at Quality Tours.

So she was calm, and because the travel agency Conti was on two holidays and she was satisfied, she signed a contract with them and paid 27 thousand crowns. Ten days before departure, a bag of TVs first learned that the Conti travel agency had gone bankrupt.

You’re in trouble, she found out in the office

It was ok, but I wished that CK Conti went bankrupt, but the organizer of the congress is Quality Tours, so we can’t touch our furnaces in any way, to Alena Drbov. The next day, she visited the Quality Tours branch to make sure she was leaving for the holidays.

And ekalo did not surprise her. Slena za pepkou told me yes, because your name is reserved for that, but it is not paid, you also have a contract, he describes according to the customer. Underneath, she hoped to leave for the holidays, and the travel worker promised that her case would be seduced. And so the next day Mr. Drbov to the branch again. They told me that they consulted with the editor, but they do not have a pension from the agency, so let’s not leave, uvdDrbov.

The gossips were not to be held hostage

According to Jan Papee, vice-president of the Association of Travel Agencies R, there was no reason not to let Drba go on holiday. It is up to the organizer of the congress to collect the pension from his salesman, we definitely do not take the client hostage, and honor, the agency did not pay him, you pay him again. That certainly does not work, explains Jan Pape.

Pavel Nastis, a lawyer, is also of the same opinion. Although Mr Drbov paid the pension to the intermediary, he nevertheless paid it in accordance with the contract. We do not believe that the broker went bankrupt, nor does he believe that the broker did not send the pension to the congress holder. Mr Drbov did not break the contract. On the contrary, the only one who violated the contract is the travel agency Quality Tours, the lawyer writes and added: Mr. Drbov concluded a contract of departure with CK Quality Tours, this is the organizer of the trip, and this travel agency, because the price of the trip was paid, contract and was obliged to arrange the exit.

The insurance company only paid for CK Conti’s clients

But the Drbs didn’t go on vacation. After all, they would probably hardly demand access to the plane. And because they did not want to lose their pensions and knew that the travel agency Conti was insured against the fall, they turned to the insurance company. They pedaled all the documents and were convinced that the insurance pension would pay off. The ensuing bag gave him no surprise.

After the failure of the Conti travel agency, we completely compensated all its clients. However, Mr. Drbov’s case does not apply to the travel agency’s insolvency, because the organizer of the congress was another travel agency, to the Czech business insurance company Renata apkov.

And so the Drbs tried it again with the organizer of the congress. They said that it was a problem that there were about a hundred damaged clients, and if they were supposed to compensate them all, they would also go bankrupt, sighed Alena Drbov.

Penze m vrit poadatel zjezdu

Mr. Drbov has concluded a contract for the departure with CK Quality Tours, a contractual relationship with this travel agency.

The traveler refused. The editors of black sheep became interested in the case. the director of the travel agency refused to talk to the camera and sent only e-mails published: Mr. Drbov proved the existence of her contract for departure on termn1. a8. June 2014 and the castles of the congress and on June 18, 2014. If the documents were documented before June 1, we would try to pass the case so that it would not be delayed, says the director of Quality Tours Martin Topol. But that’s surprised. Mr. Drbov took an interest in his furnace vacation in May.

We became a mouthful of a fraudulent fraudulent one by CK Conti, which we of course reported to the police. For a good payment mark, we did not confirm long-term reservations to CK Conti and terminated our cooperation. We are now waiting for the results of the police, adds the director of CK Quality Tours.

Not even the police will tell Drbov

Mr Drbov joined in the penalty report. Should the police solve her problem then? Mr. Drbov police in the bottom of the case unchanged. If someone from CK Conti has committed a criminal offense and you will be required to replace the code caused in the future, it will be replaced by CK Quality Tours, not the client, says lawyer Pavel Nastis.

As long as the travel agency is interested in clients and offers, I can start, but the moment, as soon as you pay, you will lose your interest, close your disappointed Alena Drbov.

If Mr. Drbov wants to go see his pension sometime, there will be nothing left but to go to court.

So if you are buying a trip from a travel agency, find out if I really have a contract with the organizer of the trip who washes the sale. And ask that the confirmation of the departure be initialed by the travel agent who took the exit below.