est ambiguity about stavebnm spoen

Maybe I had a building spoon. It is seemingly the clearest financial product. There are a lot of questions and mt. Some of them are explained by Helena Dukov from Wstenrot.

How high is the optimal person for which the client should conclude a building connection, when he wants to evaluate the dispute as much as possible?
For couples with the erpnm, the full amount of support of two thousand crowns (each box is 20 thousand crowns), the optimal balance for a six-year connection is 160 thousand crowns.

As soon as the client spared only a few months according to less than six years, his disputes would surpass more than one person, which is not enough. From many years of experience, we know that customers will follow, so we always recommend choosing a target tax in this case of at least 200 thousand crowns.

The client entered into a spoen with a customs duty of one million crowns. He doesn’t consider the bag to be hot, he just succumbed to the proverbial advisor. Is there a way to go back so that you don’t have to pay a high fee for concluding a contract?
If the jet has not indicated the building payment, it is possible to file a reduced amount. The client will then have the castle for concluding contracts according to the new, reduced customs duties. In this case, it is possible to file for the cancellation of the contract, for which the client does not pay the pension, and to establish a new contract on it.

What is the difference between bottom and hellish heat?
The right to the date of building savings arises for the client after fulfilling the conditions of the duration of the contract 24 months, spending some members (usually 40 percent) and reaching a certain value in the valuation force, which helps the services of the customer and the length of the savings. By providing a connection, the connection and the client concluded a contract with the state support.

Peklenovac vr is intended for healing the period during which the contract does not meet the conditions for the establishment of a claim for vr from a building society. Msn’s installment of infernal heat consists of an adult (up to the prescribed minimum dispute, the 40 percent) and the installment of the year, does not include the payment of principal. After the minimum contact has been reached and the set value in the evaluation unit has been reached, a human contact will be added and the infiltrator will return “hell” on that day. Then the client starts to pay the principal.

The advantage of a building connection is often stated with a clearly given and earlier known year, and thus the possibility to repay the loan at any time. How to proceed when I want to force it?
The possibility to pay back at any time (without penalties and fees) only for the building savings bank, not for the hellhound. The client should first apply to the building society to send out the balance of the debt and then remit the debt.

In the case of ddictv, there are two contracts with limited support. Is there a change in the new civil society?
Yes, so far it is possible in the case of a dead client until 31 December 2013. According to the amendment to the building savings law approved in accordance with the new civil law, the contract cannot be inherited in the case of a building savings party. This means that the death of the owner of the building savings contract will expire, and the pension will of course be subject to inheritance.

It happens to me that the executor withdraws from the building savings pension, and the hunter thus loses the state support, even if it is written here. Is it possible to arm yourself in any way?
Stavebn spoitelna is not entitled to inform the client about the so-called enough executor about the cooperation or blocking on his here. This is due to monho maen performance by the client. The situation can be avoided only by the fact that the customer does not take lightly the calls to pay his debts, about which he is always informed in writing.