Find a biography written in time. How to do it

General advice on how to write a CV correctly, under each sun job port. It can be copied anywhere. But the most valuable is the biography, which hardens the candidate. Reindeer and work, whichever you want, on the go.

Debts became production operatives and telephone operators consulted customers and other activities. The trend is not only subject to the names of the job positions, but also to the rest of the work. You biography. A very personal document, which the personnel usually meets to go two, do not shake hands during the interview.

The trend today is to use only icons and various graphics, which make it easier to orient yourself in the text, and the biography makes them look nice. The plus is when candidates prepare for work and create a creative CV, which at first glance will be interesting to Kateina echov from SAP Services.

Nejhez CV mvaj graphics

Design, art, graphics, marketing These are fields where you especially mention personality. Both in the relay and on the pope. I am interested in the graphic design of the CV. The candidate almost made it clear that he had not given up the preparation badly in the city. On the contrary, generic CV templates are a big minus for me. We go a lot with our personality and all these little things about the applicant, for example, that he doesn’t know what is important, he doesn’t spit, he wants to be ready right away, I can’t sell. The similarities of the position have the most beautiful biographers at a glance, to Jan Skovajsa from the company myTimi.

The others who do not read the lines with graphics, but can force a program. With the creative concept of the CV, you will immediately draw attention to yourself, because you can use the online program Canva, which is designed for the creation of unseen documents, offered by Marcela Vyskokov from the staff agency AC Jobs.

But even here it is true that sometimes there is more. Be careful not to blacken the art. Tasteless color creation or improper use of colors, for example on a black background in the text is readable, notes the cake from Acamar.

Papr and (what)snese

What is included in the artistic world does not apply to the world of sports. Be sure that even in the environment where the dress code is found, I want to see that you can follow the rules on the pope. For a creative employee, the individuality of the eye and the city. In our field, in the serial production of automotive, a simple, inclusive and structured curriculum vitae is suitable. Experience and discipline are a priority for us, such as Stanislav Petek from TP Consulting.

Here, too, it is equally important for the HR specialist to see that you have flown on your CV. Capture her bag with quite different details. The specificity of the environment is the specificity. For example, the volume of the budget for which he is responsible, the volume of orders he was given, what responsibility he had for the implemented project and the like. For a hunter who will have a CV and who has an idea of ​​the job title for the filled position, it is important to be able to imagine how much experience and skills the candidate is in accordance with his future job title, the advice of Jana Vvrov from Grafton Recruitment. .

Individual employees should be arranged in descending order from the newest to the old ones, so that they can find their way around them quickly. VCV is not looking for a year of birth or marital status, I am not interested in the number of children or the number of kilometers, or if you have German language books. I wonder if you can fluently communicate in that language before you passed one exam twenty years ago, to Pavlna Zbojnkov from the Online People agency.

Don’t pay off lht

Umt to sell but does not mean lht. One of the candidates stated at the end of his CV: As an expert with many years of experience in business and HR with an excellent knowledge of foreign languages, I want an elite new development in your company.

And in his resume I see this: 1 year sales in XY in the mall, 1 year sales in AB in the mall, 1.5 years sales in groceries, 6 msc nbor in the agency. AJ: graduation, l Viera Uhrikov from HR department of Kaufland.

The HR manager has far more tools than you can tell, without having to pick up the phone or hand over your previous employer. Don’t forget to edit your LinkedIn profile to match your current CV. The personnel will keep track of this information, so you can see the holiday in good light, reminiscent of Marcela Vyskokov.

It is enough for them to grind on the social network and immediately have an overview not only of your personal relationships, expressions, opinions, but also of your ends. You don’t even have to mention Otch bnch in your CV.

The most common answers: tourism, culture, literature, sports. What does it say about hunting? Nothing much. The details of the details on leisure activities in the CV vary. I heard an example: don’t drink volleyball with children there, because it will look like every Monday and Wednesday will leave work two. Or vice versa: write it there, because it shows your dark spirit and vd assumptions. The truth is, however, that any leisure activity that requires the hunter to have regular activity, commitment, dark cooperation, and learning, in short, indicates that the hunter has these competencies. And that is sweat, points out Jana Vvrov.

According to the lecturer Olga Medlkov, however, the candidate will help me with my nomination with the first mentioned name. The managerial position is suitable for various sports, strategy games for the position of marketer or lecturer, ethics and culture in general for the position of press spokesperson, creative writing for the position of trainee, etc. Mostly this point completes the profile of the candidate. You are agreeing with a formal biography, Medlkov thinks.

I personally like this section very much, because during the interview you not only learn a lot of interesting things, but you can also break down nervousness. Beware of the bag for horses, which can be controversial, such as hunting, shooting, graffiti, sexy dance, warns Dort.

Photo nahoe s

Sexy positions didn’t pay off even in the bite of a resume. In the photo. One of our candidates was rejected (although she met all the criteria and would be an ideal candidate), because in the photo she chose a sleeveless blouse. This was evaluated by the client as unsuitable for the position I was interested in, and for this reason we had to expel her from her female woman, noted Pavlna Zbojnkov from Online People.

Did it scare you? You don’t have to give a similar picture to your CV, but if you have it there, get an advantage. CVs with a photo have a lot of time to advance to the second round. Choose the photo that will represent the vs, they are inappropriately carved from verk, holiday and days of self and draw, to Marcela Vyskokov. dn 10 year old passport photos or poor quality webcams. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a nice and professional photo, you better not put it in your CV, says the cake Dort.

And with or without a photo, anyone cuddle up with the resume a little, not fly it into the world. It is the first impression that opens the door to the hunter, or bangs them in front of his nose, conclude Jana Vvrov.