For five years, families with children have sticky notes

The three news are waiting for the birth of children in 2015. The changes are positive, most families have children. They should be cheaper diapers and baby food, the maternity ward will get more families, the tax will be more favorable and a discount will be introduced for the stamp.

The road to the two of them is open, the amendment to the tax bill was approved by the sentoi, only the signature of the president. The only hurdle is the tax rebate for the stamp, because it is a part of another law (the law of providing services for children in children’s groups), which the president shoved into the Chamber of Deputies. Therefore, the deputies have to decide on its name. If they manage to do it soon, it could apply from January.

1.Maternity allowance and kind of dt

In maternity leave, parents can celebrate twice. Maternity pay will be paid for the type of child. On the first child there will be a hundred thousand crowns (for yesterday 19,500 crowns), for the second it will be 10 thousand crowns.

The kind of good at first is that more families can reach the maternity hospital. While this year the year for maternity families, their income did not exceed 2.4 times the subsistence level of the family, since January the coefficient has increased to 2.7 times the subsistence level of the family.

What exactly does that mean? This year, the decisive income of the family for the year of maternity leave is 18,504 crowns per month, from that year it will be 20,817 crowns.

2.You give the benefit of the type and gave the child

Most parents claim a discount for dependent children. For those who are employed, this is usually the responsibility of the employer, and the self-employed person then discounts the price at once for the annual tax return. Only those who do not cut their costs with paula can do it.

From the fifth term it stands on the first dt left ve vi 1 117 korun msn
(13 404 crowns per year), on druh dt se zv o 200 crowns, tedy on
1 317 korun msn (15 804 korun for deadline) and to the aunt when he gave it
1 417 korun msn (17 004 korun za rok).

In practice, this means that, for example, a family with two children stickers about 2,400 crowns for the same year (200 crowns msn), who has three children, compared to 9,000 crowns (800 crowns msn).

Still, if the parent has a tax liability, not a discount for children, he will be paid the difference in the form of a tax bonus. If, for example, he has to pay a tax of more than CZK 1,000 after deducting the tax credit and apply for a discount for two children, not only will he not pay tax in the day, but he will pay CZK 1,434 in this month as a tax bonus.

Employees with an average wage of 25,000 crowns in 2015:

  • Bezdtn will have the same: 19 295 crowns (same this year)
  • With one child will have the same: 20,412 crowns (same this year)
  • S dvma dtmi bude mt istho: 21 729 korun (letos 21 529 korun)
  • If this is not the case then maybe 23 146 korun (letos 22 646 korun)
  • From time to time I found this: 24 563 korun (letos 23 763 korun)

3.kolkovn as he gave a tax rebate

Births, two of their offspring to the preschool facility, will be able to pay for these expenses from the tax, in the form of a discount. More in the article There is not much to know about new discounts.

One of the parents will be able to get the discount as well as the tax advantage for the child. As proof, it will be confirmed from the stamp, the discount will be able to give the maximum amount of the minimum wage, so in five years it will be 9,200 crowns. only until in the day.

Tatoda’s discount now in parliament. There is a mouthful of children’s groups vetoed by the president. However, he did not object to the possibility of retiring from the extinguished tax, which he gives birth to as a stamp duty. Therefore, it is assumed that discounts should be proven. Only bad if it all manages to be approved by the end of the year.

There was also a certain hope that they would be able to get a discount for their parents for this year (the original news should apply from the 1st of). Even though it was successful, there is still hope that it will work and in 2014 the parents will be able to apply a discount of up to 8,500 crowns (at the same time in the minimum wage).

4.My cheap diapers and baby viva

Most likely, families should also learn to shop. From the next year, the same VAT rate of 10 percent will be introduced, which will apply to baby diapers, baby stools, books and lk. And that is actually everything that gives birth to buy.

So it would be logical if all this goods became cheaper (the tax value dropped from 15 to 10 percent). Whether traders respond to family responsibilities and not will only be learned in practice.