Fuels have risen by ten hectares, prices may rise

Over the last week, fuel has risen by another tile of halls. The price of gasoline increased by 39 halls to 36.75 crowns, the price of diesel increased by 22 halls to 36.30 crowns. The reason is the weakening of the koruna against the dollar and the development of the Rotterdam Stock Exchange.

Petrol and diesel have risen in price since January, until then, on the contrary, fuels have become cheaper at a long time. Prices could rise in the next week.

“Distributor mare are currently relatively low. This week, therefore, he gave an increase in fuel prices at petrol stations. In particular, the price of petrol could rise by a few decades, ”estimated Boris Tomiak, an analyst at Colosseum.

The reasons for the last increase in fuel prices are mainly in the weakening Czech currency against the dollar. The US dollar rose by more than 40 halls from the center. Piblin rose at the same rate as gasoline, a liter of diesel bag increased “only” by 22 halls. Prices on the Rotterdam stock exchange also developed differently – the price of petrol rose slightly, but diesel became cheaper.