Gloss: Breeding business tissues and our mothers

Two boys rang at the borehole nm. And pr: Hello, we work for an energy company. We would like to see your electricity bills so we can check them.

It sounded awkward, but still quite sunny. So the manel replied in the same vein: Thank you, we have a supplier of energy and we don’t want to change it. And still in courtesy.

Only then did the young man remember what they had poured into his mind on his knees, and began to nod. if he is here to help us save. just write the last invoice, and we’ll find out that she will check it. es his help uetme tisce per year.

When we realized that we were not interested in his services, he ended his speech with a slightly hysterical question about the fact that he was doing his job here and we blame him. I think that if the dog hadn’t run nervously in the garden, the young man would have taken the drill. He looked determined, he wanted to help us against him. It wasn’t doubled.

And what do moms have in common with that?

When something like this happens to them, don’t wash or not. They feel that someone has been able to satisfy them. They will run for the invoice, pikivok pykv and sign a new contract. My mother used to spend a lot of discount for six percent. She thought, from what she was paying, in fact, it was a discount on the supply of electricity. Given that he lived in an apartment and did not heat or heat his electricity, the dispute resulted in 65 crowns a year. Well, it could have turned out h.