Grandson, pla vivn na ddu. About alimony with lawyer Petr Kausta

The fact that they give birth to a nurse have a duty to their children, perhaps where. Finally, it gave a situation where the emergence of a maintenance obligation and the need to pay so-called alimony. Grandchildren, grandparents and your unmarried mother can demand them for you.

If you have a duty to nurture someone, it is important that you be able to nurture not only yourself, but also the ability and ability to nurture another person. If this cannot be required, the maintenance obligation will pass on another obligated person to the lawyer Petr Kausta from the Internet

The maintenance obligation arises from the conclusion of marriages both between the spouses and lasts even in the case of their divorce. In what cases did my husband and wife divorce me ask for alimony?
You have to spill two situations. In the first case, it is a situation where the divorced husband is unable to feed himself and this inability is due to its origin in the marriage or in connection with it, so I have the first to live on a reasonable extent. Thus, for example, when caring for a minor together with a child or a disabled child, at the time of divorce he or she is ill or disabled, etc.

Then it is a situation where, within three years of the divorce of the marriages, the manor who has not firmly engaged in the divorce of the marriages and who did not agree with the divorce, to whom the so-called divorce was caused by the divorce, will acquire a living divorced mane. In such a case, the husband is divorced first and foremost to the same extent as during the last marriage, ie to have the same standard of living.

In such a case, how are the statutes in aliment?
In the first described situation, the husband had to be the first to have a maintenance obligation to a reasonable extent. In the second situation, the scope of the maintenance obligation is determined so that the material and cultural level of both spouses is essentially the same. So it is not possible for one of the manels to live and the other for luxury. If the divorce manually concludes a new marriage, or if it enters into a registered partnership, the first divorced marriage will cease to exist.

But what if a divorcing man and wife can agree on alimony and force the other to divorce?
If the spouse or divorced spouse does not agree on the blame, the one who thinks we are the first to blame can go to court. Thus, even a divorced man, who did not firmly turn on the divorce of the marriage or did not agree with the divorce, and to whom the divorce caused the name, I must file an action so that the maintenance obligation is determined by the court. In this case, the first divorce of a divorce may be considered fraudulent only for a period commensurate with the circumstances, but no longer than three years after the divorce.

Am I the first to live after the divorce is the one who committed the home?
If the former husband committed the second mane, which fulfills the signs of domestic violence, he is not the first to have a divorced divorce, and otherwise the conditions of the first law for the alive would float.

In what other cases does the court do not accept the maintenance obligation?
The court does not have to accept the maintenance obligation if it is contrary to good morals. It is, for example, inconceivable that a parent who has not taken care of the world for the rest of his life, or who has not fulfilled his maintenance obligation, subsequently demanded the provision of a maintenance.

Your grandchildren or grandparents can also ask Vivn now. For example, give my brother’s sister a bag of alimony?
All descendants in their descendants and all descendants in their descendants have a special maintenance obligation among themselves. The interesting thing, however, is that the maintenance obligation is actually only valid in the pm line. Therefore, you are not obliged to provide vivn with your siblings. Here it is true that educated relatives have a maintenance obligation only if they cannot fulfill this obligation.

How will a maintenance duty ever arise for a few relatives, such as your grandson and grandfather?
If there are several obligations that are related in the dark degree, each of them fulfills the maintenance obligation in such a way as corresponds to the ratio of his ability, ability and property to the abilities, resources and property of others. At the same time, it pays to be the first to keep the dog right only if you need it. It is therefore only a matter of ensuring their essential needs, not maintaining the same standard of living as their relatives. Only if there is a maintenance obligation for children to live with them, they are obliged to provide them with the so-called sun of life with regard to their age, health and lifestyle.

On a living year, the mother, who says no. What to ask of my father dtte?
The father of a child, for whom the mother does not have a child, is obliged to contribute to the mother in the name of the castle for two years. According to my father, the child’s duty to write in the castle is the cost associated with pregnancy and childbirth. The obligation to castle these expenses arises mui, his paternity is likely, even if he is not born iv.

And what about the castle’s alimony and the burden that unmarried mothers arise in connection with pregnancy and childbirth?
The contribution to the mother’s life can be paid in the form of regular meetings. castle marriage, which are associated with pregnancy and childbirth, is one-off and the father stku pays after the birth of a child. The court may impose a sentence on the petition of the father, his paternity is likely to provide the necessary contact at the castle with the costs associated with the pregnancy and childbirth in advance. The first date of this reimbursement is reflected in those years from the date of birth of the child.

Rodiovstvmthe obligation of children to live and provide for their needs. How are the basic rules here?
The maintenance obligation gives birth to children due to their birth and lasts until the child is able to support himself, ie it usually ends when the child starts working or concludes marriage. It is not excluded that this obligation and the sweat will be renewed.

Rodies are obliged to ensure the viva of their children, regardless of whether they live together or are divorced. The salary that each of them can contribute to the living of their children in such a way that corresponds to their abilities, abilities and property relations. The maintenance obligation of both parents does not always have to be divided equally and evenly. He was mainly involved in the person who takes care of the child personally, and if they give birth together, so is their care for a common household. The condition is that the child conforms to the life equality of his or her parents. This aspect is important from the point of view of drainage needs.

How is it that when a divorce is born, their child is not fully at first?
In such a case, the marriage will not be divorced until a final decision has been made on the right to this child in the future. The court must therefore first issue a decision to regulate parental responsibility for the period after the divorce, ie it will decide that one parent will be given birth and the other will be liable for it, or will decide on the application. Only sweat will take place in Zen divorces.

How to proceed when the births of alimony on dt are not agreed?
If you are caring for a minor, a fully unpretentious child and you have not agreed with the other family, if you need a live welcome, file a petition for a living with the court in whose district your child may live. There is no court fee for the application and you need to provide all the facts justifying the extent of the needs of the living, such as your income, the amount of income of the obligated husband, the usual and special needs of the child. If the obligated parent does not submit proof of his / her income, the irrefutable first presumption that in the income of this parent is 25 times the subsistence minimum applies. Vivn can be dated three years back from the design.

If the child reaches the age of 18, he or she is entitled to live and the father does not want to pay, how to solve this situation?
As far as the child is still alive, this petition has been used by the child himself, in court, the parents are obliged to live in its district. I flew away to give me a living castle and back three years.