He gave a warning economist: Under the surface everything is different, not the wall

Vychz gave a book by economist and husband Markta ichtaov and Vladimír Pikora with the name Lumpov a bernci. This time, against the background of a detective story, the authors show what the collapse of European banks would do to them.

While the previous two books by the economist pair were close to the popular textbooks, the new book is different. Not only in scope but also in form.

A remarkably full of dry humor with many ironic remarks, written in the style we are used to by the author. It will soon be revealed that this red library will not be a DJ. And not exactly nice.

Truth or fiction?

Please note that the similarities between the characters and the real ones are not inappropriate here. If the middle pair inconspicuously coincides with myth, approach to life and sincerity with the authors, perhaps everyone will think. Who really was a model for other characters, but you know those who are actively interested in the economic day (and not only the Czech). You, one of the main villains, to whom the cars were given the name Volk (German people), are a conspicuous resemblance to those who stand in the background in the current struggle of the client for bank charges.

When working on an economic analysis for a large German bank, Helena and Martin meet a bit of an accident, and so they find out that the people in the management of large banks are not human-loving. On the contrary, they try to make as much of themselves as possible for others. Thanks to the lack of internal control and the feeling of absolute power, he calmly puts millions of subsidiary banks in his own pocket.

No wonder then that the banks of the bank collapse and take the dominoes with them. The crisis will logically not be avoided even by banks, for example, almost the whole of Europe. esku se vak zatm vyhb. The reason? Let’s not belong to the euro area. The fact that they are against the euro, the other cars do not hide it for a long time.

take care of the time, but it’s not easy

Vesms is not a nice one. The idea is that there are enough pensions in the bank, but I can’t buy anything, I’ll probably buy everyone. , but unavailable because I can’t pay and the cards are not taken, we saw you recently in Cyprus.

On the randomly selected fates of people from different walks of life, it is quite realistic to describe what could happen if the banking crisis sent more lands. for working in a bank, he would not understand it at all and tried to demonstrate in a naive way that it could not help me. In this form it is fiction that comes from a true foundation.

Strengthen pbh and warnings

It’s time that seekonomers decided to pack it in a digestible container. Although the warning background of the whole story was obvious to the authors, thanks to the detective story and pimchanm of ironic humor in manner dialogues, the book can be found in the circle.

The superficial ones will be satisfied with a thrilling detective story, in which they do not miss the classic plots, car chases, weapons, drugs, surveillance, threatening and striving for life. problems, drugs, time tricked by scams that do not come out just by mistake. It’s not all a fantasy.

It is important to take an economic warning from this, and the most sensitive to go on a certain philosophy of life, that nothing is determined beforehand, but that we ourselves are the bearers of our happiness.