He joined a family business at a middle age. And he is satisfied

Traditional and innovative at the same time, this is how the string could be characterized by the family company Master Therm. In less than a quarter of a century on the market, it has come a long way in the development and production of heat pumps. And so there was an intergenerational exchange. Today, the son of the founder Ji Svoboda stands in the head of the company.

When it comes to the manufacturer of heat pumps, probably most people imagine a large multinational company. It occurs to small people that I should be a small, purely Czech family company such as Master Therm. It was founded by her father Jiho Svobody in the nineties and was one of the first pioneers of heat pumps in the Czech Republic.

When did you join Master Therm?
I went to the company bohuel piel and in 2009 after my father’s death. It was quite a difficult period when a company that was not in the best financial situation in itself was hit hard by the economic crisis. We had to change the organization of the company and its structure, implement a new information system and find a way to finance. This succeeded and after years the company returned to solid growth.

How was it decided to continue and how do you look back on it?
It was not complicated at all, it was simply that there was a company by mm tt and a number of people who were very dependent on them. At the time, I was taken out of my two business and I didn’t give up, it was a matter of course. In retrospect, it was the first step.

How did the company grow? And did everything always go smoothly, or did you experience hot moments?
The recession in the years 2009-2013 was reflected in the dampening of demand and a decrease in sales, and this period was worse, we focused on all levels. We have problems in recent years, when we do not have time to meet deadlines. So hot moments have been here and will always be, it’s just business.

How much are you a family business and does it play an important role?
We meet the definition of a family business, or those of the companies are related and hold more than 80 percent of their business.

often two people have trouble agreeing on it. And you’re the ones right now. Can I always agree on yours?
There are several common companies in the company and it is not quite a problem. So far, we have agreed on it without any problems. It is probably similar to a partnership about open communication, respect and the ability to agree.

Do you have followers in your families who are interested in the field and the company?
Upmn eeno, but not yet. But what is not, me bt. After all, I joined the company at the age of 42.

The registered office of the company, the office and the center are in Prague. But do you have a divorce from the meeting in Jablonec nad Jizerou, for right here? And keep the employees of vrn?
It arose historically and gradually. With the administrative part of the company, we gradually moved to Chn in Prague-west, we are here a bit in the countryside and practically in Prague. The company first leased the building of our production plant in Jablonec nad Jizerou as storage space, and at the turn of this mill, in connection with the decision to manufacture its own heat pumps, development, production and assembly gradually began here. Our employees are great that all are Master Thermu vrn and most of them have been working for the company for many years.

emu to pikldte?
I think it’s mainly about some internal communication and two interesting ones, when the management of the company always fulfilled what it promised the employees. And the company, on the other hand, in its employees that they will do the work in the necessary quantity and quality. We simply dream of creating an environment so that we can rely on each other – the employer on the employee and the employee. We really need it.

At present, you are going to make the largest investment in the company’s history. Can you tell me how big this is?
Near the production facility, where we are rented, after years of preparation, we started to build our own production and storage hall. It is an investment in du destek million crowns. The reason is mainly space requirements, which increase in production as our production develops. The new work will allow us to grow in the future, which would not be possible in the existing premises. At the same time, it will mean a much better working space for our employees, a new showroom, office space and the like.

But the current time is quite nron. Don’t worry about embarking on such a big investment now?
In the spring, in the current crisis, we thought for a while whether to slow down the project, given the high degree of uncertainty, but it did not take long. It is a long-term investment, we urgently need to make it, and in the long run, this pandemic will be just a short episode, for which it makes no sense to re-evaluate the full ones in the long run.

New hall, roziujc se vroba. To znam i nbor novch zamstnanc?
Then we will gradually increase production. The prerequisite for this will be improved productivity, better organization of production and material flow, especially according to cooperation, and we are certainly considering the number of employees.

Is it possible to get an employee for production, or has the situation on the labor market improved?
If someone thinks that due to the current crisis, there is a surplus of clever manufacturing professions such as electric meters, light, assembly blades and the like on the market, I can get it out of error. The situation is preserved, both by the much-discussed general measures such as Antivirus and by the general reluctance of the people to change jobs in times of uncertainty. Let’s see how it develops in the future.

For the installation of heat pumps, their quality installation is essential. How is the situation in this field? Is there enough capable montr?
It is probably similar to other crafts. This means that the quality is always lacking and they have work over their heads. Also, every manufacturer, including us, tries to bring together a new assembly company and tailor them for their character. But it’s bh for a long time and the percentage of satisfaction is not big.

Do you think it could be better in the future?
It is not expected to be improved in the future either, it is generally related to the structure of education and the company’s attitude to the trade professions. At the same time, installing heat pumps is an interesting, qualified, physically not extremely difficult job, which also offers very above-average lengths.

How do heat pumps in the Czech Republic stand today?
The number of heat pumps sold in our country increased roughly threefold between 2010-2019, to about 25,000 pieces. It is therefore a common source for a wide range of customers and not just for technical enthusiasts, as was the case in the past. The trend is a significant increase in the number of air-to-water heat pumps, which today account for about 95 percent of total sales, while in 2010 it was about 70 percent. This means that all air pumps have their own air pumps, while sales of ground-water pumps are declining in absolute terms.

What is the cause of such a state?
The fact that the market for air source heat pumps is growing faster than with ground heat pumps is in the bottom and is happening throughout Europe, but in the Czech Republic we have done so. Investin uses air-to-water heat pumps cheaper, but the disadvantage of this activity is that it also heats summer cooling and usually has a shorter life than ground-water. In the case of insulated new buildings with low heat loss and even underfloor heating, the choice of air pump is economically completely rational, but in the case of old-scale heating reconstruction, the choice of air-water system is not always the best. Lately, so come to the fore with problems with noise, this is put an area where the ground-water points.

Heat pumps are an area where a lot of multinational companies operate. But Master Therm is a small family business. How can such competition (as far as it is known unequally) compete?
I probably wouldn’t use the word unequal competition. The competition is equal, only the opponents are big and we had (smv). I would like to say two things. First of all, we could not do without the high technical level and quality of our heat pumps, and we will be responsible for this. Although we were the first to launch a heat pump with an electronic expansion valve in 2004, we had a variable compressor power technology in 2008. We are still at the forefront of the industry, improving software and collecting large prices from international exhibitions.

And for a species?
Our size allows us to be flexible and adapt the product for a specific application. We make to order and we have a wide range of accessories for heat pump equipment, we can add other components to the cooling circuit, for industrial applications we can modify the wiring or supply special circuits for the pump, insert it into software and the like. Thanks to this, we also get to special operations, where, for example, we remove waste heat from the cooling of the largest Czech supercomputer in Ostrava or in Prague, we actively cool two state-of-the-art accelerators with our heat pumps and reuse the waste heat for heating the building.

Let me ask you a question, how do you live and drown?
Probably not surprisingly, I will say that I heat her home for the 13th season with a Master Therm heat pump.