He poured gasoline on the directive and threatened to louse it. He took away the thousands

He chose a very unusual method of harvesting on Thursday at the magnifying glass in Starm Hrozenkov in Uherskohradisko. He poured gasoline on the shift worker and threatened to fill it. The woman gave him plates of a thousand crowns, the policeman after the masked robbery asked.

Pepaden took place in the direction in Starm Hrozenkov near the border with Slovakia around three quarters to eight in the morning.

The perpetrator drove away from the main road. Prelo and so he had a child over his head. Only the worker herself went to the exchange office in the building of the OMV filling station. Lupi had a mask on his head with zkm window for oi. He walked over to the counter and poured gasoline from the bottle he had brought. The other hand rubbed the lighter.

“I said that it was a question of a pension. The worker first issued the crown, but the robber said that he wanted to go for the euro. Pepaden en so there was no left, not to issue the euro, “describes the dramatic pepaden talk of the Hungarian police station Ale Mergental.

When he put his pensions in plastic bags too, the dog ran off the main road.

“But where he fought, if he had a vehicle in somewhere, he is not sure. During the robbery, and at the bottom of the wounded day, the perpetrator took away a precisely unidentified amount of pensions reaching several thousand thousand crowns, “noted Mergental.

Mlad grew up in his masked pants

After a robbery, the thug after the robbery called the police, and the young peer immediately went into trouble after a masked robbery.

A police handler also came to the town with a dog, who was looking for a half-liter plastic bottle of gasoline during the trail, and he saw the magnifying glass in the direction.

“According to the description, it was a young, tall man exceeding 180 cm in age. His hair could be seen under the mask. He wore a blue jacket with blue accessories on his shoulders, a jacket with a hood. He has masked trousers on his feet and an epic with reds, lutes and purple stripes on his heads. His child was black with white dots, “he described the perpetrators on the evidence of police testimony.

The police let the people who saw the described mue or the vimlirannho movement of suspicious people and vehicles in Starm Hrozenkov call the line 158.

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It fell in Starm Hrozenkov on the border with Slovakia.