Holiday apartment: stump, rust, non-functional refrigerator and crushed stone

Last year, the mother said she would take her daughter and son to my place for the first time. They wept, they wandered, but the stet with reality ruined their joy. The family will give me a discount and compensation for a spoiled holiday.

Magdalna, Tobi and Agta started planning their vacation for a year ago. They drew pictures of what it would look like on them, downloaded an application to their mobile phone, which gave them days to leave, and started to go down the run themselves.

When I gave them crowns for help in the house or a little for refreshments, they threw them in a penny and in the end it was hundred crowns, Helena from Kladno recalls.

This year, in Nora, she chose to go to the popular Czech resort of Karfas and paid 49,350 crowns for it. She bought a holiday at CK Alex, had a good experience of herself, and wished she enjoyed it with her children.

Thvzdikov is dangerous with regard to the feet of passers-by

She waited for the city ok. Suternn room with a view from one window on the legs of other guests, lack of utensils, damaged rusted faucets, toilet and gave equipped rooms and pine trees a dream of a modern, clean and spacious studio, which stands out for whole families, as promised web pages travel , shattered.

We went inside and my breath stopped. I tried not to disappoint the children, so I was just talking about me. When the son’s son went out on the terrace and took his foot on the step, then the end of the garne fell on his head, the daughter slipped on the ladders in the spray and put the step out of bed, optimism started to start again, first mother t dt.

According to him, the day began to weave through the exit, the drawer and the crumbs fell out of the wall and the refrigerator stopped working.

She pointed out the problems to the delegate, she said they were miles away, but in addition to the intersecting toilet and rush, she downplayed the problems and, in the spirit of a travel ten who advised tourists on their way, advised them and did not stress and take a vacation. The opportunity to grow into another room, which Helen liked, fell when the bathroom and the drawer were repaired.

Nezveliujte malikosti!

Cestovka is wrong in a problem. As soon as it was reported, the delegate immediately elaborated. Mr. in the city refused the shelf, the delegate reported only details and after the return wrote a letter. Of course, we will read the complaint more and answer it in the end, but let’s not let anyone pull on it just because it could still benefit financially if it is proven that the services provided were in the form, says Barbora Prochzkov from CK Alex.

Clients of travel agents, according to the current time, thanks to the new civil law, which expands the possibilities of holiday complaints, tend to look for problems in large hotels and exaggerate small things, such as a cracked straight. They do so because of the vision of financial compensation, Prochzkov added.

Complaints within one month from the end of the departure

Kateina Tomkov from the company Vilmkov, Dudk & Partners, who inspected the photos, Helena documented the defects on them, is convinced that there are no small things. The client is entitled to a discount and to reimburse the rent from the disrupted holiday, as she did not rest on it and had no problems with the accommodation, to Tomkov.

According to them, the offer clearly did not correspond to reality. At a time when the catalog lists photos with beautiful, modern and clean equipment, customers are so easy to use. If you have to cut stumps, cuts, steppes on the ground and a drawer with crumbs sticking out of the wall, the promised conditions have not been fulfilled, and we will also be caused by mental illness. Likewise, the equipment of the room should correspond to the sweat of the accommodated guests, adds the lawyer.


According to them, the mother can complain about the congress, until a month after its end, which is two months, which was not in the original right. The travel agency, who is new to the applicant of the departure, has a 30-day complaint, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

In case of incorrect complaints, the people can then go to court. They can claim a discount on exit prices, which is derived, for example, from the so-called Frankfurt discount table and its equivalents, the ITQ Standard table (more here).

Newly, tourists can also claim compensation for a broken holiday (the so-called compensation for the loss of joy of holidays). This will be paid according to the extent of the breach of duty of the travel agency. It is not excluded that the client could judge the case, not how much the exit cost. For example, if he suffered a lifelong psychic burden, Tomkov explains.

Travel ten

  1. He won’t expect things exactly like at home, because you left them trying to find something else.
  2. He will not take things too much, because the carefree mind is pleasantly allowed to meet.
  3. Don’t let other tourists get on your nerves, because your salary didn’t have a pension to spend pleasant moments.
  4. Make sure you take on holiday only half of what you consider necessary and twice as many pensions.
  5. I always have to know where my passport is, because a hunter without a passport is a hunter without a homeland.
  6. Remember that if we were created to remain in one city, we would be created with roots.
  7. You shouldn’t worry because he’s not sweating in it – just a few things are so fatal that it’s worth it.
  8. If you are mm, be prepared to act like a man.
  9. Don’t judge the land by one of its little ones, which has caused you trouble.
  10. Remember, in foreign lands you are a guest. He who shows honor and respect to his host will be rewarded.