How not to fly to a craftsman and not be left without pensions and work done

Have time to replace the windows in the winter, glaze the boat, repair the roof, or insulate. the craftsmen have their hands with me, and with them, unfortunately, many deceivers. How to watch out for n dt?

Provide, lustrate, give the recommended friend and especially the contract, counsel Katein Prochzkov, speak to the portal Poradna and add that the elements of the counseling center are being approached by non-Eastern people who have paid a large share and then did not see any craftsmanship or pension.

Piel only for pensions

Mr. Radek from St. Nad Labem ended up in a similar way, and he recommended a good chest to him, which he had to make furniture for him. The coffin, he changed his room, collected a deposit of tens of thousands, and he never showed up. I am retired, fed up with him, on the chest and without furniture in the office,Mr. Radek, and I wonder if it makes sense to go to court. It turned out that a number of executions are being held against the craftsman and he insisted on living in the municipal council. I’m afraid he’ll just give it a pension and I won’t reach it anyway, says Radek.

Dvuj, ale try

As you can see from the previous case, just recommending someone may not be enough. To minimize the risk as much as possible, it is good to take and take steps that should reliably tell you whether to turn to a solid hunter or a good craftsman.

Once you have checked the trade register, you can find out, for example, whether the corresponding trade license is correct at work. Then look at the business register at the company and, in case of this problem, look into the insolvency register there. Find out if a company or an individual is accidentally struggling with financial problems.

If you do not support anything, we strongly recommend that you go to the Central Register of Executions, which will tell you whether there are any executions for the time being and, if necessary, beware, says Kateina Prochzkov.

Don’t forget the contract

When you’re done and haven’t encountered a problem, be sure to go to the references of the person or company in question for sure. It may be without financial problems, but the results of their craftsmanship are not the ones you would need to have at home. Ask with them, take a look at the internet, or ask directly by e-mail, and by learning the reference order. If m, urit se rdi boast.

A good contract for work should be a matter of course. Do not rely solely on contracts from the Internet, do not disregard the specifics of your order, and this may not work well for you. Definitely do not forget to add sanctions for late or incorrectly performed work to the contract, insist on the elimination of the deficiency, specify the possibility of withdrawal from the contract and specify the payment terms, reminding Kateina Prochzkov.

Don’t take a pension out of hand

If an artisan asks for an ambush, never give him a so-called good word. emeslnk should issue an invoice, which you can pay him either in cash or by bank transfer. If you pay for it in cash, have a document issued so that you have a way of proving that the pension has actually taken over. Keep both documents and documents that could help you in the event of a dispute.

And psemn the meat

If the emeslnk does not do his job and does not want to shake off the provided deposit, ask him to do so by registered letter. In the reminder, among other things, state the exact amount, number and deadline by which the pension will be served in your opinion.

If you do not pay the length within the specified term, apply it. From our previous experience it follows that there is nothing to wait for. m dv you will have in your hands the judgment, tm dv in m pension well. If not, the executor will take over the case. And in the case of executions and exceptions, they are satisfied in the order in which they come to the executors. The first is therefore the order of Katein Prochzkov.