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Matestv and pe o dti pin different situations. According to the Czech Social Security Administration, it is not clear to many people when they are entitled to financial assistance in maternity, when they are on sick leave and sick leave. Jana Buraov, speaking SSZ, explains the most frequently asked questions.

What do mums usually have to say when going on parental leave with the first child to give birth again?
Even when the second child is born, the mother applies for maternity allowance (PPM) help formula enough for maternity allowance. He is given by a gynecologist. The form indicates which the applicant is leaving (these are the data on the employer, the date from which she wants to join PPM, and the payment details for the courier). Lka fills in the personal details of the mother and the expected date of birth. Completed, signed and confirmed by the doctor well before his employer. The employer will then supplement the documents for the calculation of the allowance (form Ploha k enough o dvor sickenní pojitn) and also the documents of the OSSZ, who decides on the claim for the claim, knows the spot and then pays it.

When will my mom get into maternity leave?
My mother, on the other hand, will start on a day of her choice, which is mentioned in the form about PPM. The bag must be between day 8 and sweat 6 days before the expected day of delivery. The entry date selected in this way is then also the date from which the PPM door starts. Two bags can be given alone.

When a mother will give birth again with her first child during parental leave, from which she will benefit from maternity leave?
If for the duration of this employment, from which the mother became entitled to the first PPM, there is an entitlement to the next PPM in the period up to the age of the previous child, is not a daily exchange basis found for the calculation of other PPM.

What is the case when a woman gives birth to a child, for example, and three months after the end of the original parental leave?
The procedure is the same as in the first case, the only difference is that if the mother started working for her again, she starts PPM from work. Even in this case, the necessary form of PPM is issued by the reader, the mother fills her place and in front of enough to her employer. In the top two, he will be sweating from the income his mother has gained in the last twelve months. If the bag enters the PPM within the age of the previous child, the procedure is the same as in the previous case.

How to proceed when a woman is not entitled to financial assistance in maternity leave? Me PPM in this case draw father dtte?
If a woman is not entitled to PPM, for example she is not employed and does not even have a protective period from terminated employment or does not meet the required period of 270 calendar days in the last two years before joining PPM, she is entitled to parental leave from the date of birth. This two will be filled in by the regional branch of the work series R according to the permanent residence of the mother. The necessary formulas can be found on the websites of work series R. In this case, mothers do not give PPM. Of course, they can submit, but the OSSZ member decides that there is no claim in the two when the final conditions are not met (more about fulfilling the final conditions here).

When will my father’s child benefit from money?
My father applied me a lot about PPM, I have a bag of rules. The husband of the mother of the child or the father of the child gives me information about the PPM on the basis of a written agreement, which he concludes with the mother of the child. In such a case, he must meet the same conditions for the claimant on the door as the woman. This means that you must have 270 days to join the insurance company in the last two years before joining the PPM and the condition of participating in the sickness insurance scheme at the time of joining the PPM.

Does the agreement between father and mother have to be prescribed in any way and how is it applied enough?
The agreement must state the day from which the father will care and the day of birth. The right to PPM is then applied on the prescribed formula enough for financial assistance in maternity during the transfer of children to the peer. The form is available at OSSZ and can be downloaded from the SSZ website (here). He must fill in the form for his employer, who will send it to the OSSZ together with the documents for calculating the door. According to the birth, the OSSZ will deliver a written agreement with the child’s mother and the child’s birth certificate. The mother’s signature on the agreement must be issued first. If the mother comes to the signing of the OSSZ, the OSSZ herself. The agreement can be concluded at the earliest from the meeting of the 7th week after the birth of the child for a period of at least seven consecutive calendar days.

What should my mother get to work after mother, but will get sick on the day of her return?
After the expiration of parental leave provided by the employer, the mother starts working back. However, if her father is working on this first day, when she should have started working, or even started working for her, she will be temporarily incapable of work and exhibit the so-called incapacity. In such a case, the woman may not re-enter the employment. As an apology and at the same time a basis for the payment of a sickness allowance to his employer before a long-term incapacity benefit Sickness from the OSSZ will not exceed 60 percent of the reduced daily incapacity for work from the 15th calendar day. In the first 14 days of incapacity for work, the employer pays the wage, and in the first three days the payment of the court is not due.

But what if a woman got sick when she was in parental care?
If a woman recognizes a temporary work unable to go during the period of unpaid leave (parental leave), then she will be entitled to sick pay and after the end of this unpaid leave.

If the mother’s temporary incapacity for work lasts according to less than 14 calendar days, then the issuer will issue a Confirmation of permanent incapacity for work form (so-called pension allowance), which in front of his employer together with the last part of the incapacity for work. The employer can forward all the forms to the registered OSSZ to pay the door.

How to deal with a situation where the mother stays with one child in the hospital or children, and the father has to take care of the kind of child?
If such a situation occurs and when you take over an employed father, he must be under 10 years of age. In such a case, the father, if the conditions are met, is entitled to re-employment for the period during which the mother will be in the hospital with the child. It does not last for nine calendar days. Form The decision on the need for oetovn (pe) in such a case will be issued by the student in the hospital, where they admitted the children accompanied by their mother. This decision will be issued to the mother dtte. The other page of the form (page B) is filled in by the father, where he lists himself as an applicant for the couple and gives information about the child he is caring for at home.