I don’t always have to expose my incapacity to a collar

Most people feel that they have to go to a practical place for their incapacity. There is always an outpatient and outpatient doctor and a doctor from the hospital there. Even if they shouldn’t. Legislation toti k nco jinho.

At the time of illness, employees do not have sick leave. More precisely, the first 14 days of illness is a payment of wages paid by the castle employer. It is only from the 15th day of the illness that the official social security (SSZ) takes over the payroll and pays the employee, possibly the self-employed person, the salary of the sickness insurance, sickness benefit.

In order for the salary to be paid and later to receive sickness, the employee must, of course, prove his illness as incapacitated. It’s not a paper bag, as we’ve been used to for a long time, but a year ago it’s an electronic version, the so-called e-incapacity.

Who is oetujc lka

Legislation clearly defines who or who is to exhibit incapacity. According to the Act on Sickness Insurance, the Decision on Temporary Incapacity for Work issues the issuer of the insured person. This means the provider of health services, which provides outpatients, outpatient or inpatient cranial rehabilitation to its patients, with the exception of providers of emergency medical services and emergency services, explains SSZ Jitka Drmolov.

In other words, it is a drug that monitors the insured, ie, when, in the event of health, invites you to check-ups and the like.

This means that incapacity for work does not expose and does not always lead a practitioner, it is not his duty, as the patient is often aware of, which is often the case, warns Ludmila Mazylkinov, head of the practitioner of My Ambulance. She is exposed to the person who is the first to find out the condition for which the incapacity is exposed.

Dress up brn

According to Mazylkinov, practitioners have been and are disappointing specialists for exhibitions and incapacity management, which is indicated by the condition required by the specialist. Patients then completely need to visit a practical doctor first from a specialist, so that the latter only gives him the time to give the check, which he will first come to from the specialist.

This is a completely unnecessary zt for a practical lkae and completely unnecessary for the patient. It is thus necessary to change that such a patient occupies the place in the order calendar really needed by the individual who needs to live with them, and thus according to his term according to Mazylkinov.

Let’s add that by not being exposed to incapacity, the person who should do so is committing the first offense. And I am fined for it by the SSZ. The sanction for not being exposed to incapacity is 10 thousand crowns, Drmolov warned.

How e-incapacity works

The communication between the sickness insurance authorities, drug users, employers and sick employees is very simple and fast.

It fills in the e-incapacity and handles it electronically no later than the next working day for the first time of social security. Only in exceptional cases will the lka be able to fill the mucus in paper forms, describes the tax advisor Petra Verlov.

There is a significant shortening of the deadline (two it was no later than the next working day). A similar form fills in and separates electronic mucus at the end of incapacity for work. At the same time, it means the termination of incapacity in the order of the incapacitated insured person (the only one left is papers).

Thus, the employer does not have to present it to the employees on the basis of a decision to decide on temporary incapacity for work or to take a lot of sick leave from the employees. He is obliged to send the data needed to pay the sickness allowance in electronic form within 14 days, including the number at which the employer pays the employees the salary, Verlov explains.

The employer sees selected information on the SSZ ePortal. In this way, the SSZ can automatically send information to the data sheet about the creation, duration and termination of any temporary incapacity for work of its employees.

It works similarly in the case of quarantine, which is now a relatively common problem due to the disease covid-19. In this case, the e-incapacity should be issued by the regional hygienic station, which gave the quarantine. I also expose her to lka.