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If you want to go to your pension, you have to worry about paying income tax like any other. But after the New Year it will be given. Even the pensioner will be affected by the tax reform.

What will change after the reforms?
■ From 2008, a uniform tax of 15 percent will apply to all regardless of income. This change may not necessarily help anyone, because the pensioner’s pension is not very large and after deducting the cost was still the current tax rate of 12 percent.

■ Those who have income from business and other activities, including pensioners, will not be able to deduct the payment of insurance (social and health) from taxable income. The tax base is therefore at the same income vol.

■ It is far more favorable for working pensioners to take a discount on the taxpayer they have been deprived of. From the calculated tax, you will be able to deduct 24,840 crowns, if he has a tax or equal to this amount, nothing will apply. This also applies to wealthy pensioners who have a pension of less than 198,000 crowns and the tax that exceeds this limit, whether.

■ Discounts increase for those who work and are also in full and full disability pension. From 3,000 to 5,040 crowns for the full and 1,500 to 2,520 for the wall disability pension, for ZTP / P from 9,600 to 16,140 crowns. Of course, even for disabled pensioners there is a possibility to deduct a discount on the fee.

■ Dalm pilepenm should be valorization to retirement. On average, all pensioners should receive 346 crowns msn. This valorisation was needed for the average pension, which was 8,722 crowns in the middle of this year. Whoever retires now, gets me, and vice versa.

… And what remains at starm
■ Retirees still have the obligation to pay health insurance and social security. The so-called social insurance must be paid by those whose business income is paid more than 48,334 crowns. On the contrary, they do not have to be paid by people who have income from the use or provision of copyright first, from the performance of an independent permit, which is not a business or business (for example, actors), so you have the income of an expert, interpreter, but also the administrator of bankruptcy.

■ For those who live in retirement, there is no way to state the cost, either real or even.

■ The income tax is exempt from income up to 198,000 crowns per year, ie up to 16,500 crowns per month. If your pension is you, you have to tax the difference. This contact also includes a possible simultaneous survivor’s pension (widow’s and widower’s).

10 questions and answers around st and pensions

What’s all the fuss about retirement and beer? Pette answers the most frequently asked questions.

1. I get a disability pension and at the same time I work as a translator. Can I apply for tax rebates?

For the year 2007, you can apply a basic discount of 7,000 crowns, and if you take the wall disability pension, then go give a discount of 1,500 crowns. In 2008, the basic discount is 24 840 and the discount for the wall disability is 2,520 crowns.

2. I am retired and at the same time a business. Uvd se dchod v daovm piznn?

The old-age pension is exempt from income taxes up to 198,000 crowns. Income tax-free income do not state. If you retire, you will only state what exceeds one hundred 198,000.

3. I am retired and I enjoy the sale of tickets on the stands. I have an agreement on work activities. Should I be taxed, even if I’m an old employer?

If the old-age pension for a given calendar year does not exceed 198,000 crowns, then the employer will take care of the taxable income from the agreement on the work performed.

4. To retire, you can rent a short-term cottage. Do I have to give you a pizza?

If the income from renting a cottage is 15,000 crowns for a calendar year, you must file a tax return and pay tax. You can apply the data as a percentage of income (in this case 30%), you are required to enter income information.

5. In the retirement, my father spent a living on a business certificate. In 2007, he earned 150,000 crowns. V z zemel. Do I have to file a tax for him?

The first successor (ddic) must file a tax return for the builder within six months after his death. In the tax return, adjust the difference between income (150 thousand crowns) and business expenses on the number of receivables and receivables, the price of unused funds and the balances of created reserves. This is a rather complicated matter and you can only recommend that you consult an expert.

6. This year I will be entitled to an old-age pension, subject to it, but I should go to work. The employer must terminate my employment with me and enter into a new contract. I’m worried it’s not just a way to get rid of me.

The procedure proposed by the employer is a condition for you to be able to work and receive a retirement pension at the same time. The law allows for the payment of the pension only when the pensioner has a fixed-term contract with the employer, for a maximum of one year. The contract may be extended by Kadoron in the form of an addendum.

7. What can I do if I do not agree with the pension?

You can find out how high your retirement age is from a written decision, which is the message of the first social security. If you do not agree with nm, contact the NNW. When you find out that you get another pension, not in exchange, you can adjust it. It is not possible to file an appeal against the decision of the SSZ, you can apply for an action, which is then filed by the court.

8. How is the old-age pension unusual?

In the Czech Republic, pensions increase regularly, ie valorise, usually from the new calendar year. The government decides whether the pensions will be valorised. In 2008, the average income should increase by 346 crowns per month and reach 9,111 crowns.

9. Do I care about age in retirement?

Yes, but only among people who have lived for 100 years. Thus, the income increases by 2,000 crowns msn. It is a financial contribution that is used to cover the increased cost of living related to the environment.

10. Can only families pick up the sweat of a relative who is in the hospital?

You must file in general in the town of resident pensioner to appoint a so-called special beneficiary. The ad is obliged to satisfy this quite enough in case the pensioner is not able to pick up the pension. The pensioner must agree with tm. If the pensioner was hospitalized for a long time, the field would go to the hospital. The pension can thus be stored for a period of time.

Model treasures

Retired businessman
He is retired, has a small pension of 6,000 crowns and lives as a car mechanic on a trade license. He earned another 300,000 crowns a year. His pension is tax-exempt, but income from business must be taxed. The cost of the company is more than 60%, which could be deducted in full, therefore the deduction of the actual data (keeps tax records).

The pension pays health insurance and social security insurance. Although he will not be able to deduct the paid insurance premium as before for five years and the income will be taxed at fifteen percent instead of twelve, he should spend on the reform. He will be concerned with the possibility of deducting a tax rebate of CZK 24,840, which he has not been able to do so far.

Pensioner with beer without L
The woman is in retirement, and even though I have a relatively high pension of 12,000 crowns, she can go to writing newspapers and articles in newspapers and magazines. The trade certificate does not have to be, the author’s honor fee, a total of not more than 15,000 crowns a year, so it must be taxed. Pay only for health insurance, social security insurance is not, because it is not obligatory for this income.

The actual cost is minimal (one year and three thousand crowns per month for the payment and depreciation), so the use of the opportunity to apply expenses of more than 40 percent of income, the so-called paul. So she went for the reforms. Even if u will not be able to claim as a paid insurance premium, there will be a tax rebate for the fee. So he won’t have to pay tax days from the beer.

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