Incorrect limit on the card vs loss of pensions or nerves

Awareness that only payment cards are limited by certain limits, you have a certain amount. Many of my bags will be the ones who can remember the specific values ​​they can have. To come across n pitom nen tk. Just when you need cash to pay for your vacation at the last minute.

Limits to payment cards, if set low, can make life uncomfortable (you can use cash, for example, when buying a used car from a private owner, at the castle in the real estate agency and on vacation). However, when the card is lost or cut, the limits (if the owner is not connected to these cases) can act as a safety brake. It is therefore necessary to choose an appropriate compromise. The security aspect mentions all banks as the main reason for the existence of limits.

The payment card limit is nothing but a set maximum volume of transactions made with the card during a certain period of time day, week and month. In banks, you usually meet its three basic types of limit for cash withdrawals at ATMs (or go with the limit for cashback), the limit for transactions at merchants (including buying over the Internet) and thus with the total limit.

How to choose a limit on a credit card

1. Choose the right compromise – as low as possible for security reasons, which also ensures the usual need for cash

2. If you want to change the set limits, you can use telephone or internet banking

3. Pay from 0 to 100 crowns for the change

Who decides on the card limit? You, the bank and the ATM
You and, of course, the issuing bank decide how high the limit of a particular payment card will be. Banks determine the upper limit by various procedures, but the bag is at least one of the evaluation criteria in the regular income, or in the balance. This applies to both debit and credit cards.

How much you can finally withdraw from an ATM is determined by its settings and technical parameters. Usually the number of banknotes he issues at one time is around sla tyicet. This number has nothing to do with the card limit.

In most cases, you decide on the card’s limits when choosing its type. The cards have so-called standard and recommended limits set in advance, you can use them according to the current situation and your own needs. Even here, there are boundaries that cannot be crossed. For example, for an esk spoitelny payment card, a uniform standard limit of CZK 15,000 per day is set for cash transactions. You can invite it, but not by more than five thousand crowns and only for cards embossed. You move in some kind of dog set by the bank.

Waldviertler Sparkasse von 1842, in turn, derives the limits of the cards directly from the income and the balance there. If you apply for a Maestro payment card with an income of 18 thousand crowns per month (or with this in the balance here), you will reach a maximum of 15 thousand crowns. This limit includes all card transactions, ie both cash withdrawals from ATMs and payments at merchants.

Bank Where the card limit can be changed Fee in K Since when salary
BAWAG Bank poboka 20/200 2nd day / up to 1 hour
Citibank poboka, telefonick bankovnictv 0/90 up to 2 jobs. on
esk spoitelna branch, telephone banking, infoline, client service 1. free, gave 50 2.den
UNDER+PS poboka, telefonick bankovnictv 20 following tden
eBanka+ Raiffeisenbank branch, contact center, internet banking 50 2-3. prac.den
GE Money Bank sideways, zkaznick service free of charge okamit
HVB Bank roadside, customer center free of charge immediately, no later than 2 working days
Komern bank poboka, telefonick bankovnictv free of charge up to 2-3 days
Volksbank poboka, telefonick bankovnictv ** 60 to tdne
WSPK branch, bank website free of charge up to 2 days
ivnostensk bank poboka 100 to the 2nd working day

* fee collected only for debit cards
** eBanka only
*** it is necessary to confirm to go to the branch in writing

Limit = safety versus comfort
It is also advisable to select a limit for the payment card. For security reasons, it should be as low as possible, at the same time it should ensure a trouble-free inside of the card according to your own needs. Of course, over time, the financial situation in your household will change so much that you will have to adjust the set limits.

If you want to adjust the patina limit with your payment card, you will have to pay time for most of their branches to most banks. This salary especially in the case of smaller banks. Using telephone banking or internet banking, adjust your limits without the need in large banks – esk spoiteln, SOB, Komern banka, but also in Raiffeisenbank and eBance.

Examples of payment card limits for individuals in thousands of CZK (total, also recommended)

Bank Limit validity Elektronick
Embosovan karty Gold karty
BAWAG Bank tden 10-30 30-75 75-750
esk spoitelna day – cash 15 20 50
5 days – payments 30 50 150
GE Money Bank day – cash 15 20 30
day – payments 20 40 100
Komern bank tden 1-50 20-100 20-500
Volksbank tden 20 60 500
WSPK tden 4-30 20-100 150-600
ivnostensk bank day – cash 10 60 80
day – payments 20 40 80

Changes to limits for payment cards (debit and credit) are usually subject to a fee; they are offered free of charge only by GE Money Bank, Citibank only for credit cards, HVB Bank and Komern banka. The first change of the payment card limit in esk spoiteln is also free of charge.

Other banks charge for these transactions, while the charges for them range from twenty to one hundred crowns. activities at the same time start within one week from the start quite.