Invest and do business in virtual reality. You can pay real pensions

Do you want to start a business or invest, but are afraid to risk a world pension? Do you have a npad that can’t be implemented in real estate? Try virtuln svt Second Life. The possibilities are almost unlimited and you don’t have to worry about a large pension.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world that works over the Internet. It’s possible to get involved in the hunter you always wanted to be. Stand up for the avatar. You can do almost anything in virtual reality. Just chat with other avatars, dance, play football, invest, do business, shop, just live your kind life.

The owner and founder of Second Life (according to SL only) is Linden Lab. Udv rules that pay in SL. The basic payment unit is Linden Dollars (L $). You can either earn or convert from Czech crowns to dollars and then to L $.

How can I get real pensions in virtual reality?

The lowest number of people and the highest paid employee is the “campsite”. The job is to pay your avatar to put a message in his feed. Then it will look like something interesting when I have people there. And first of all, he writes new scouts and real customers. You can spend 20 L $ per hour per campsite, which is less than a crown and pl, but you don’t have to worry, this world is not expensive.

Tante rdi, but in reality you do not have as or courage? In SL, you can dress up your avatar and let him dance in a nonm club. There’s a lot more to you than than “camping.” The rest of the vigil, you pay two and go the salary of the business owner. Sexual services can also be provided. You can earn $ 1,000 – $ 2,000 per appointment to run an animation with a sexual undertone.

If you are looking for a job in SL, a virtual employment agency was created in your place. As in the usual job offers, there are demands on your skills and knowledge, choose according to the job description, which depends on the type of job.

The most suitable is business

A good idea can be appropriately monetized, even in real pensions. The dealer with organs may not look good in SL, but you can find a human dealer here. And it’s even eh. Earnings around 100,000 actual crowns msn. When you choose your avatar, you have little opportunity to choose its form. This businessman can choose from a variety of kiosk colors, you can be light, curtain, cane, hair, etc., but you have to pay for it.

Investing in land

Invest in SL in Veho. Unlike the real world, investments in commodities (eg gold) are not suitable. The virtual world offers not only unlimited business, but also unlimited raw materials.

The only thing that really pays off is the purchase of land. In particular, when the place is called Beverly Hills. Other avatai will long to have a shop or house in Beverly Hills. But the risk is the possibility of the birth of SL by giving land – they have to connect new servers. The SL space is practically endless.

On the land she issued did not have a real pension for a female teacher. She bought 400 plots of land worth 1,200 and 1,600 USD each. Today, she spent more than a million USD on a virtual business.

In addition to land there is a possibility of investment – in action. If the seller changes it to enter the stock exchange, you could buy his shares. The more money would earn the trader, the more your profits from the action would grow. Of course, directly to the sweat of their own actions.

How to get to virtuln ground

First, you register with SL with the help of Then you choose what the avatar will look like, choose its name, install the necessary program and log in. If you want to do business or own land, you must enter the word of the payment card when registering. The basic version of SL is free, but if you are looking for investment, business and earnings, pay less than $ 9.95.

In America, the back of credit cards is quite common, but they are also worried about that. There are two cards in case you would like to choose a pension in virtual reality. Then just send your avatar to an ATM and withdraw Linden dollars from it. The value of the selected pensions will be deducted from your real account.

Raiffeisenbank se bl k Second Life

The mayor of the virtual city of Bohemia, together with Raiffeisenbank, is looking for opportunities to convert the Czech crown into Linden dollars. In case you want to change your real pension to L $, you will only be able to go to Raiffeisenbank, deposit 100 crowns into Second Life and your pension will be added to your avatar in virtual reality. Such is the basic idea that would make virtual life easier for a virtual life.

The collapse of a large bank

In Second Life Two, there was the Ginko Bank, which was not connected to the real world. The people there stored L $ money on gambling. Gambling was a popular pastime, and in szen there were really big pensions. Most of the people kept the debts in the bank. But Linden Lab has suddenly banned gambling operations. Thus, the reason for the imposition of pensions disappeared, the people began to collect their disputes and the bank went bankrupt. As a result, Linden Lab allowed banking services to be operated only by banks established in the real world.

The stock exchange did not offer quality security

Even the stock exchange was established at the arrest of the Second Life. It was possible to buy shares and run all bn exchange activities. But since the stock exchange did not have a connection with the real world, it was easy for the stock exchange operator to keep the pension and simply not to register. That’s what happened. Many people drank on real board. At the moment, is looking forward to a promising future. The owner of the stock exchange fulfills the reprogramming of the internal core, I want to secure pensions against the cross.

“Every company listed on the stock exchange has its own profile, where you will find the company’s size, financial data (own land and its value), stock movement statistics, demand and offer values, company news, term meeting of investors, dividend payments, etc.,” said Martin Dvok, which is one of the key figures of the Czechoslovak Second Life.

There is only one bank in the city of Bohemia
Recently, a Czechoslovak city called Bohemia was established in SL. Its mayor is Martin Dvok alias Martin Duncker in SL, so he will choose the companies that will be represented in his virtual city. If the event with Raiffeisenbank takes place, another bank will not be able to operate toton services in the city of Bohemia. However, there is also J&T Bank, which does not have the function of a classic bank, but as the owner of Sparta football, it operates its own stadium here, where competitions and events take place. For example, when you hit the goal, get (in the avatar) a cap that no one else has.

The Czechoslovak city of Bohemia is complete in the Czech language and is fully accessible to Second Life users. As soon as you visit the city, take care of all the people fled in SL. It’s free in Bohemia, so you don’t have to chase after a big debt just to have a virtual reality in peace.