It hits the stock market almost when. Invest

If you want to invest in my home not only in stocks, but also in other securities such as certificates or futures, you will have to go public. The stock exchange may not be one of the world’s best in the number of valuable beams offered, but the world can find me there. The advantage is that it is possible to trade in crowns.

Although many people think that investing in a stock market is something difficult and requires a special distance, or millions for it, this is not entirely true. It is not recommended to invest fully in shares and other investment products traded on the stock exchange, knowledge of the principle of functioning capital markets is necessary. In the available literature and various seminars organized by both the stock exchange and brokerage companies, you will easily find the lack of knowledge.

If you are one of those who are listed on the stock exchange and you have a certain amount of income (you will not need statistics), you can start working. It should be noted, however, that especially the enthusiasts have to reckon with the fact that the losses are in the ordinary course of business, so it is best to reserve the investment for the investment, which you may lose in case of loss.

It is not possible without a broker
The investment in the event itself is available to practically everyone. Perhaps the only restriction for some may be the fact that you do not have to invest on the stock exchange yourself, you have to use the services of a broker who is a stockbroker. He must have permission from the Czech National Bank and is a member of the stock exchange. This also applies to the domestic stock exchange, through which you can only trade domestic stocks and other instruments. One of the possibilities is to use the services of some banks.

The pensions you invest in the capital markets are not insured against any value of shares, which arises from the supply and demand for securities, but in the case of a bankrupt securities trader, your pensions are insured up to 90%, up to a maximum of EUR 20,000.

The first step is to sign a commission agreement, through which you will give the trader orders to buy and sell securities, etc. The agreement must usually be signed directly at the branch, but some companies will be able to conclude the agreement through sweat or the Internet (usually special certificates are required, ppadn ovovn u note). Those who have securities in the Center should have an entry from the SCP, on which are registered issues of domestic shares from the ninety years. If you don’t have it, it will be based on you. If you only want to trade certificates, futures, or warrants, you will not need to set up here in SCP. Then you just have to send money to the businesswoman and you can buy and sell securities.

The commands themselves then implement the broker, which must have an extended license. You can communicate with them in person, by phone or via the Internet. Internet connection is of course the fastest and cheaper, but it is recommended especially by experienced traders. Personal and telephone contact is expensive, but it reduces the personal approach and special services that a personal broker can offer you. There are several securities dealers operating on our market, dealing with the number and type of services offered, or prices.

Buying a security is very simple. You must provide the broker (in person, by telephone, or electronically) with the name or ISIN of the security, the amount and the price at which you want the security to be purchased.

At present, it is possible to buy or sell 31 shares (in the near future he will give), 119 bonds, 26 certificates and warrants and 6 futures contracts through the PSE. For reasons of transparency, securities are divided into three markets: the main market and the official free market, which together form the official securities market and a special market where futures are traded. The most liquid stocks are traded on the main market. In order for shares to enter this market, issuers must meet strict requirements and conditions. There are shares and bonds on the trading ground. Other securities are located on the official free market, where the requirements for the issuer are not so strict. In addition to the promotion, certificates and warrants are also traded here.

According to the securities, they are divided into trading groups according to the method of trading. The first group consists of all shares and bonds with the exception of those that are trades in the SPAD segment (Market and Bond Market Support System), the second group consists of ordinary shares and bonds and the third group consists of shares in the SPAD segment. Certificates (group 8), futures (group 9) and warrants (group 0) are located in separate groups.

As it has changed, the most liquid segment of the market is SPAD, where only the most interesting issues are traded. Sufficient liquidity is provided here by members of the stock exchange for this purpose, the so-called market makers. The investor had a virtually closed path to this business. The reason is the large minimum volumes in which securities are traded here. For each CP there is a so-called lot, which is a unit of the least traded quantity (for example 1000 pcs).

In addition, proceed to the stock market to go automatically and block trades. Automatic trades are based on auctions and continuous mode. The most interesting for small investors is a continuous regime, in which they can carry out their trades (the minimum volume is set at 1 piece). Trading takes place here daily from 9:25 to 15:55 on the basis of the ongoing insertion of purchase and sales orders and the principle of prices and subsequent priority times is applied. This means that the first order is a balanced order with a suitable price, and in the case of placing more orders with the same price, two inserted orders take precedence.

Dalm type shops are shops with the use of specialists. Liquidity is provided here by one market maker and currently these trades are used for trading with certificates and warrants. The last type are futures contracts trading, where sufficient supply and demand is provided by several market makers. For trades with the use of specialists, as well as for futures contracts, the use of the SPAD segment is used. However, unlike the SPAD segment, these trades are also available to bnm investors.