Lupii at the fall of the direction failed gun, and still got 18 years

The Brno Regional Court sent Isa Agayev to the prison for 18 years in April in the center of Brno. Pi nm tried to shoot the bill, but his gun failed. Isaiah Maajev was also convicted. He has to be married for 15 years for robbing and complicity.

Loupe was brutal. In April, a pair of foreigners found a guide in Masarykova street in the center of Brno. When the bill was gone, they represented him in two ways and had a gun. With Agayev, sweat came to the fore. He fell up, injuring the sign on his hand. the tonci then helped him.

The court’s bill described her being brutally beaten and repeated by an electric stun gun. He was bleeding heavily.

“I decided not to fight them because they would kill me,” he said, adding that he began to believe unconsciously. According to him, Agayev aimed a pistol at his game and tikrt softened the trigger. The weapon did not respond because the cartridge was jammed in the HV.

The pair eventually left with a bill backpack, in which there was 1.5 million crowns. The bloodthirsty took his gas pistol and followed them. the Eenci fled through the crowds. In the end, they caught them at the car, in which they wanted to drive away. Smnrnek was helped by a plainclothes policeman who was passing by.

The verdict is invalid. Foreigners can appeal against it to the Olomouc High Court. Agayev claims that he did not rob and fell on his own acquaintance Sergei, but he does not know if he exists. Maayev refused to testify.