Make the holiday and return. What to do so you don’t stress

We are allowed to relax as much as possible from work. But if you check your e-mails during the day off, you won’t be able to do it. What to do before the holiday, during the return, to reliably build stress?

And a holiday for a week, or for you, always about to fly through my head, and it broke my head. Noci that nothing rings and I can roll at least an hour. And the last holiday night, while going live this time, I thought that my peel had fallen from the banna, the most corporate company slipped on it, broke his leg and got an hour’s notice. Well, to be sure, I didn’t have a bann day for snacks.

How to enter it so that you can enjoy your holiday without stress and be careful and then return to work? That advice is not so much and personnel and psychologists regularly repeat it every year. So u just rub them!

It’s simply the one who goes home with a certain head. If you are responsible for the work team, for a contract or you work on long-term projects, then it is not easy.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers will often find it more difficult to go on holiday. Other bikes are in front of managers and owners of vtch companies. Their test is the ability to delegate wheels to others, points out Jana Vvrov of Grafton’s staff.

You do not support the preparation

Preparation for a painless return from leave after its filling. The manager of the company, Michal Hotmar, likes to take a holiday for a period when the company’s workload is changing, and especially getting the long-term acquaintance of colleagues with thermal illnesses, so that there are no collisions with important rounds. It is easy to say, mountains are realization. When fully fulfilling the term, therefore, learn to remember (or fovi) at which time you will not be present in spirit or body.

Do not start new things before the holiday, if they can repent. On the contrary, you howl and close in what is mon. I always fulfill how I have to finish the bikes before I leave, how I can delegate and what can be put off. I do not recommend postponing more than 20 and 30 percent of running projects, describes Ladislav Kuera from SAP. If you do not have a formally defined substitutability at work and you do not want to have the unpleasant feeling that you are sacrificing colleagues, arrange a reciprocal representation during your free time.

And all you have to do is make a check on the desk, acquaint your representative colleague with what is a priority and we may be able to consult about problems, set up an automatic depth in the e-mail and hur pack bags. Actually go one thing: lecturer Olga Mendlkov’s advice from practice: It pays to write down a list of unfinished bikes for yourself, so that you can check after the return whether they are visible or whether something is left hanging.

Try to just forget about work

Horseback riding by the water, in the woods, on the beach. It is not good to connect even for a distribution e-mail, because it will start the hunter in the head again, the working range will be repelled and it will be very easy for me to get into high levels of stress, warns Ladislav Kuera.

And most importantly, it’s two jobs in you won’t be able to handle it, you’ll also come back to one or more pots again. And when it comes to picking up the phone, does it make sense to explain to someone that you are on leave and you won’t help him? There are a hundred votes for that. A personal conversation is more human, but it pulls you out of relaxation, and the caller usually doesn’t care where you are or what you’re talking about. He needs to know who will help him or when you will be available. And at first, there are a hundred rich in it. In addition, if business processes are set up over time, things tend to work out even without everything, Michal Hotmar reassures indispensably.

Someone can catch up

There is no universal bag. Some people just like when they have a view, and the fear that something is happening that they should know would ruin their vacation anyway. For example, Stanislav Petek from Tp Consulting is the way to open a sweat for a while in the morning and evening. After returning from vacation, he is in the picture and does not close the eyes.

And if you can’t do without a company phone, try to get a model that everyone will contact you only in really urgent cases and only a specific authorized colleague. You will not respond to jin sla. Here, too, arrange a daily time when you will be available.

Slightly after the return

You open the pot after the holiday and there are eight hundred new ones in the e-mail at first. Two don’t vs panic, do it full. Spend the sweaty sweat calmly the first day. When the rest of the week is left in the rest, one more day will be lost. Jana Vvrov recommends the procedure for rafting first: Sweat, go through the newest ones best, so that you do not live things that are inactive in two.

With each e-mail, it is always important to have the NCO deleted, filled in, when you pay attention to it, handed over to a colleague to whom the General Salary is responsible. and written in the calendar for a specific time in the end usually costs so much time first.

to do so and to recover, therefore…

1.Before you leave

  • Set up an automatic reply in the e-mail that you will not, because you have a holiday. Alternatively, add a contact to the hunter you represent. The e-mail also works in good time, you just have to be sure that it is a unique business address to which Jarmilka will not personally send you anything personal.
  • Delegate urgent bikes to specific colleagues, of course, arrange this with them yourself.
  • Have a good time on your desk, at least on the last day at work, make sure you don’t have to worry about the whole holiday, that right after your return you will have to write to the thistle, for which there is a blurred stamp on the receipt
  • Get well at home. It is better if after returning from vacation you will find the household in the condition of the surfaces not cleaned by it, it exploded here.


  • Just turn off that cell phone. Can you do it? Really, Facebook may not see what you had to take off and fly to the Maldives.
  • If you really don’t have to stop completely, set your mode to do not disturb on your mobile phone and give an exception only to a few chosen ones, only fovi and mom.
  • Even if you can’t disconnect, you’re not long enough. If you do not have to answer immediately, direct the caller to your shortcut.

3.By the way

  • You’re coming back. It is best to have at least one day off at home to unpack, cut out, process photos
  • On the first day after the return, do not meet according to the meeting, first find out what was happening in the company at the time of the illness.
  • Leave the automatic depth of illness set to the day according to which you will be able to deliver a pile of delivered sweat in relatively calm.
  • Go through the sweat from the newest (so that you do not react to what is said). What doesn’t matter, mercilessly throw it into the koe. Don’t get back to irrelevant emails anyway.