Mortgage rates are holding the ground, 2013 was a record year for banks

dn change does not take place. Even in December, the average mortgage rate is just above three percent. From 3.09 percent in November, the rate in December fell to 3.06 percent.

According to the Hypoindex Fincentrum, in December, a pilot of mortgage banks 8,175 clients, which is only about 92 m no msc before tm.

“Unlike in previous years, December did not come as a surprise, and rates and volumes of mortgages have stabilized in the last quarter. Banks did not change new events for the rest of the year, because they devoted most of their energy to updating their methodologies and materials related to the introduction of a new civic end, ”said Josef Rajdl, chief analyst at Fincentrum.

The esk hypoten market was a record for esk banka in 2013

According to Hypoten banka’s estimates, all banks provided mortgages for housing for a total of 155 billion crowns. The volume of vr thus increased by 28 percent compared to 2012 and at the same time surpassed the absolute most likely year of 2007 by approximately 12 billion crowns. Record volumes were accompanied by record low year rates and favorable property prices.

The first year of the rate, showing the last low years as well, reached an all-time low in 2013. In July, according to the Hypoindex indicator, they averaged 2.95 percent. This is about three percentage points less than in August 2008, when they were at the highest level in the last ten years (5.82 percent). Since mid-2013, mRNA rates have been rising.

No changes are expected in 2014, the trend will be refinancing

According to the opinion of the director of Golem Finance, Libor Ostatek, there will be no significant changes in the development of fixed rates in January. This could happen even in a burrow, when traditional banks start with acne offers. “According to our estimates, the rates will be between 3.00 and 3.20 percent, and in this dog they will most likely be around the whole year. In the concurrence of several favorable factors and intensified competition, the possibility of a short-term percentage threshold will also weigh in, ”says Libor Ostatek.

“The development of 2014 is difficult to estimate. Last year, he sharply checked our results and confirmed that accurate estimates can be predicted at the end of the year. We follow up on the number of quarterly growth of the mortgage market in a situation of favorable year rates and stable real estate prices. The overall production will continue to be affected by the refinancing trend, ”says Jan Sadil, CEO of Hypoten banka.

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage, get ready. “The economic boom in industry and the intervention of the NB will bring nrst inflation, which sev half-year discovery in the statistics. Therefore, equivalents of mortgage rates, incl. At the same time, it is not necessary to lose the appropriate rates of artificial medics at 12 months, when you will be interested now, ”says Ondej Vale from the portal and warns that the mortgage or its refinancing is very individual and optimal in any particular case. jin.