NOTICE: How much does the home office cost and what does the employer have to reimburse you?

I work from home. Uet as a neutral for driving. Instead, turn on the sweat for ten hours a day, cool the apartment to a tolerable temperature, drink for a while and eat for light. How much does work come from home?

A period of darkness has passed since the new wheel closed. At the same time, keep tens of thousands of people working at home, and even in the autumn, the office employer is not going to work for them. A survey of 1,132 Czech companies conducted by LMC e-recruits shows that half of them recommend a home office to all their employees.

Long-term work worked in the past, but this long-term trend has accelerated sharply. Thirteen percent of companies have introduced work from home plon, to analyst Tom Ervn Dombrovsk.

After the positive experience of this spring, when 77 percent of employers in the field of business services even at the time of full home office showed the same, even you productivity, companies are slowly starting to prepare for the situation that the home office will become the standard, Jonathan believes. Appleton, director of ABSL, associating companies in the field of business and IT services.

The offices went by, but in households there are many places in the world and into the night. I noticed that the consumption of electricity in the spring increased. Both have laptops, a table pot, at home under the TV or radio, they cooked daily, at the age of forty-two, who has two bowling at home in the first and second grade. It would be nice if, in the autumn, even the small company in which it works contributed a small amount to the operation of the household.

Wi-fi for twenty

But employers will hardly be interested in how long online children watched or watched their television. The argument is how much it really costs her to work at home. On the one hand, it takes about two hours a day to get there and also around a thousand times to go. On the other hand, the air conditioning at home has a traveling air, I wish you to go to the toilet, when it is cloudy, light everything is standing, even Eva.

The actual consumption of energy for working from home is not as financially as many might imagine, says Jan Skora, Marketing Director at the energy company Moravsk naftov doly. It could be compared to the costs that we can make our way to work, if we use public transport and the ticket costs us 25 crowns, points out Skora.

On the model case of the bank branch working at the home office in the Beclavsk√° region, the daily consumption rises to 19.19 crowns, in the model case the young lecturer from Tebsko even goes to me, exactly 15.31 crowns.

Similar energy outlets were issued by the energy company Bohemia Energy, which for a change was in the home office at large offices in Prague and Ostrava. The top items are for heating and cooking. For interest, pay 5.49 crowns for a phone call, 17.84 crowns for a wi-fi connection, comments Hana Novotn from Bohemia Energy.

Home office vnmm as a very uiten benefit. In my opinion, it should not be mandatory, but optional only for people who suit it. Those who are looking for it, in my opinion, will not mind paying some minimal energy costs and the like, firstly because it will bring them a number of other benefits. Therefore, in my opinion, such employees of the company should not have to pay any further. Then, on the contrary, there would be a risk that some employees, for whom it is not suitable, will go only because of such a beer, thinks Karel Pila, sales director of the manufacturer of Colop stamps.

What is a standard?

In the end, the situation is regulated, how to reimburse the employee in case of using a private car or over, but there is no memory of how to reimburse the employee for energy and wear.

A business laptop, phone and data connection is considered standard. I came across a case where an employee applied for a contribution to the Internet connected in case he did not have a company modem, and the employer of course accepted it. However, I did not come across the fact that the employee would require a contribution to electricity, heating, water and an equipped office, notes Ji Halbrtt from ManpowerGroup.

but according to him, the stka could be calculated. According to the proportion of use of household equipment for private and work people, the number of hours to the home office and, of course, according to standard depreciation groups for different types of equipment.

If employees insisted on such a literal interpretation of the law, it would be a big bureaucratic burden for companies. But Umm can imagine a half-hearted contribution to employees who work from home for fixed hours or do not even have the opportunity to work in a company office, to Ji Halbrtt.

This could be, for example, companies where the home office is set as mandatory and has a clear share of it for the office. Or where the BYOD phenomenon is used (from the English Bring Your Own Device Pines), when employees use their own laptops, mobile phones and the like. According to me, some contribution from the employer should work there and it would motivate me personally, to Nikolas Ptek, marketing director of Colop.

For example, banks let call center people and liquidators code work at home. The bank was able to provide them with the necessary equipment and a house very quickly, to Zuzana Filipov from Moneta Money Bank.

Work from home was supported by the technology giant Google. The company provided employees with a contribution of thousands of US dollars to purchase equipment and furniture that will make it easier for them to work from home.

In contrast, a study by Tecla, which operates in the field of IT recruitment, found that the average dispute between employees at the home office in the USA is seven thousand dollars. It includes transport costs, canteens, baby food, as well as clothing and cosmetics.

Arrange in person

The companies thus adjust the agreements with the employees themselves, according to their experience and equipment. There are no special rights for employees at the home office, the conditions are agreed in the agreements or in the internal regulations of the employer. The parties thus have the freedom to adjust the conditions of work from home according to their own needs, confirms Luk Regec from the first office of BDO Legal.

According to the first-class working experts, Czech companies use two methods in practice when overpaying costs.

The first of these is covered by a paula, which can be used to charge the load, but it cannot be forced for all costs (typically for energy). If other costs, such as wear and tear of property, are used, the toll is determined on the basis of the calculation of actual data. Otherwise, the employer could get into trouble with the tax administrator, Adam Hussein of BDO Legal.

The second way is the full cost of the work, based on the completed documents.

The employer pays a proportionate share of the invoice for electricity, depending on the time when the employee worked from home. Although this variant is safer and more accurate, in practice it can be very complicated administratively, especially in the amount of money that the employer has to pay, Regec warns.