Novel Fortuna has not yet seen interest in Czech shares on the stock exchange

et investoi can trade on the domestic market of shares of the new company. Fortuna hit the Prague Stock Exchange, which could help it get rid of the long-term decline in interest on Czech shares.

Fortuna entered the market just a few weeks after this change was made public. According to initial feedback, it seems that the hopes are too high to be fulfilled.

Even previous issues did not prevent the dream volume and the long-term decline in traded volumes.

The burst of the stock market is stagnating

Looking at the chart of the main index of the PX stock market crackdown in the last year should not be full of the joy of a day investor. It is currently in the slightest, and except for the most likely month in this period, which was April, the index did not move out of town.

Only in April did growth grow well above 1,200 points. For the rest of the year, however, the index strictly adhered to the range of 1,100 points and 1,200 points, and outside these levels it did not collapse. This is in an environment where the economy has recovered from the crisis and picked up pace again.

Compare with other indices

The negative results of the Prague index are in contrast both in comparison with other Central European stock indices and in most world indices.

The Warsaw WIG 20 index has managed to add more than 11 percent in the last year, and the Hungarian BUX has grown at the same rate. ir varavsk WIG index rose by as much as 16 percent. A similarly evaluated bag was visible in this period on the way back from our borders. The Frankfurt DAX index grew by 14 percent and the main London index FTSE 100 managed to exceed the 10 percent mark.

Pestoe vvoj in Prague is not equal, in the world there are indices with hormone-enhanced. The Japanese Nikkei, which is losing almost 10 percent in the last year due to the yen, is the starting point for all of them.

Is it to blame for strengthening me?

Movements in the currency markets are often indicated in connection with the Prague Stock Exchange. Simplified, if it strengthens me, foreign investors prefer to invest where stocks abroad are cheaper.

Similar motivation salary for domestic investors. The Czech Republic has strengthened me by five percent against the euro over the past year, but has lost two percent against the US dollar. The bag thus achieves very similar results. The Maarsk forint is even strengthening on both monks.

The weakening of the svdt index cannot be attributed to the growth of the Czech koruna. Even the economic situation in the Czech Republic does not develop in its neighbors. The relatively low level of indebtedness compared to other European countries in recent months, on the other hand, the economy is helping the investor to win.

So where is the buried dog

The problem is to be found in the structure of the PX index, where the three largest companies have more than eighteen percent of their development. As soon as these companies are not given what may not be directly related to the overall economic development, the index moves downwards regardless of other factors.

The prices of EZ’s shares, which represent 23.5 percent in the index, fell by 14 percent for the year. Telefonica O2, with a share of 14 percent in the index, fell by 8 percent in the same period. Despite the addition of two big titles – Erste Bank and Komern banka did more, it was not enough for the growth of the index.

He gave his development uncertainty

The main problem is the low number of stocks on the stock exchange with a strong share in the PX index. Even the new Fortuna, which traded on the first day, will not forget about this problem. Due to its size, it cannot be assumed that, according to this company, it was not more than one percent of the value of the index.

Perhaps only the long-term implementation of SOB or another large company would help to better diversify. When and whether there will be a large issue at all, the bag is a question. Fluctuations in the prices of big game stocks will thus continue to dominate the PX index in the future, and if the performance of current stocks does not improve with the greatest weight on the index, its results will continue to be unbelievable.