Ondej Kania started with those hundreds here, he got 16 million crowns

At the age of 17, Ondej Kania decided that he wanted to study at the United States. He did not have a pension for his studies, he came from a very modest situation. Pesto el za svm clem. His activity changed his life and led him to start a business.

On private American high schools, which Ondej Kania was trying to get to, he spent about 500 thousand crowns on his knees. In seven msc, he sent hundreds of e-mails to bicycle addresses. When he was rejected, he wrote again. In the end, he succeeded in something unbelievable. He won a total of six offers for full scholarships and three when the bikes would pay him 95 percent of his shelter.

At the time, I thought it was normal. Today, after all these years of experience, it has been perceived that full scholarships for private secondary schools cannot be obtained. In mm ppad it was probably a big coincidence, or my fate, to Ondej Kania.

After returning from his studies, he was looking for two months in the Czech Republic. Marn. When he thought about what to pay, he realized that he could grow in America’s contacts and experience. Czech and Slovak students sent you to study in private secondary rounds in the USA and Canada and receive scholarships. A da se mu.

Will you be at home if you can get a vUSA scholarship?
Not at all, the natives did not have a pension. They didn’t know it until they came to fly with me.

And what about the peers, didn’t they tap the elo? Did you tell them what you were doing?
I discussed with them that they were skeptical, no one knew. It is in nature to underestimate. People do not have the courage to embark on it independently, be very underestimated and do not know. I think it will take a long time for some people.

What decided that a boy from Moravia was given the opportunity to study at an American private middle round?
Probably endurance. I recommend this to your peers today. km them not to look at what you think around. If they really want something and intuitively read that it is the right thing to do, they must not break, but go for their purpose and not be discouraged. And that’s exactly what I did. I was almost rejected and discouraged by my family, cycling and friends. Only a few people would win such a lieutenant, it was uncomfortable. That motivated me.

When you thought he was within reach, you looked for an offer that didn’t work out in the end. They backed away from the full scholarship, was it very disappointing?
It was a party. I finished my studies in Brno, and when I went home and opened my e-mail, it read: We are very sorry, but for these reasons we are only able to provide 10 percent of the shelter. It was ok. Then I thought with impatience that I was leaving and in an hour I found out that I didn’t. But most likely how to solve an awkward situation (smch).

Kind of choice at the flap. What did you take away from your studies?
When I left, I thought I was good at English, but it was good for him. It wasn’t English either, I had to adapt. The most important bag was the experience that I got into an environment where the approach of the teacher is completely different from our home.

What’s wrong with them?
There are less times and the education system is based on the individuality of each person. There are several levels of difficulty in the subjects, so in one case they can meet or of different ages, but in the same degree of difficulty. As a result, you have one teacher and you 10 and 15 k, who have the same knowledge, have to work on the same things, and what a teacher k has for them. Kdeto u ns is different. Now you have 20 and 30 students of the same age and someone is excellent, someone is average, someone is very weak. And to whom can the teacher devote himself? As a result, the impact is that the best are not motivated, the worst will not be measured and will remain average. Nobody glue like that.

What’s next in the American private round of yin?
Jin is also uen style. We had darkness in your history class and discussed, for someone did it and that. Then we wrote an essay and gave a day to talk about the problem, discuss and argue with each other. There is creativity in it. In our country, it’s like sitting in a desk, a teacher or dictating something, you write it down, then write a test and forget about it.

You had a free study, you had to retire the bag you had to pay for.
Yes, I made money by making door sales. In practice, it seemed that the week I had to take a box with some bombs, knock on the door, sell and get a certain stack. When you take advantage of the street and you have to knock about dm dl, you know a lot. There I discovered that there was perhaps some business talent and I learned to communicate with people. America is the best bike for it, the businessman is full of tubs. They just do it. Be able to communicate, sell and, most importantly, buy.

You have gained your experience in business. For Czech and Slovak students, receive scholarships at private schools in the USA and Canada. How was the arrest?
I started as a self-employed person, I had 400 crowns here, I had a website made by a friend, and when we launched it he also gave links to women, the next day I got the first client. I then used the 400 crowns for a ticket to Prague there and back to get it.

Share the agency with your colleague Tom Jzdn, how are you divided?
Since he studied at Sttech and Tom did not, I will teach him all the know-how. I can sell perfectly and he can buy and take care of finances perfectly. This is an ideal symbol. We’ve known each other for 16 years, we went to the base and the middle bike together. When I looked at who I would hire for business, there were several possibilities, even though the new company would put a very interesting pension into the agency. But in the end, it won out that in business, you need someone next to you who will know and who will make up your addition. Tom is an absolutely perfect hunter for that.

But you never wanted to do business.
It never occurred to me before, and in America. Many local entrepreneurs also went to the bike. They took us to their companies and worked as they did in business. They have a list of people who are willing to drink to the wheel and something or from the point of view of their practice. That should come to us as well. A look into real life is much more valuable than a textbook theory. It works there and we had a lot of good people and they were entrepreneurs in various technologies or in business activities. That inspired me a lot. So I read Steve Jobs’ biography, which inspired me perhaps the most.

Within two years, we managed to get 16 million crowns in scholarships for more than three student plates, and your agency spent the first million crowns. How does it feel?
Don’t run out of it for now. Always with two in front. Long service, our business is based on our knowledge and contacts, there are no big costs. Let’s sell what we know and have learned. I think that wiping in services in two people for a full amount of over a million crowns is quite a shower at the age of 21.

Don’t be afraid that Tom would want to jerk and try it?
I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of the competition either, because I think that the hunter has to go through it. When to apply for a private high school round, if you have individual requirements, your formula. Thanks to the fact that I was there, I know how the criteria for the award of scholarships are on specific private colleges. These bikes work as a company, you have to be able to pay for yourself and pay your teacher in time. The costs are huge, when we drank with the offer to study et and Slovenian young people, they have a huge volume.

How do you lobby scholarships, opt pete emails?
Our clients are from Wednesday and then, because bicycles cost around a million crowns and the student has to pay about 300 and 600 thousand pounds. Getting a full scholarship, as I did, was really a coincidence. We are based on an individual approach. When I meet with my family, let’s always talk about what their son and daughter are interested in, in which he is good, whether in sports or you in art. Then let’s focus on the specific wheel that I recommend. I know myself personally with bike editors, today I just have to call and ask if it would work, and they will say if yes or no.

What are your ambitions, how many students would you like to send to study?
The Czech-Slovak market is limited. I think that in the course of a year it is possible to send at most two hundred and three hundred students to study. Then come to the scales to give services, because the education system in the world is very evolving. Many of the best universities today can also pay in debt. Such studies are intended for people who work it and want to spread it long. I see the future in this direction.

Are you also silent about helping talented people from my movitch families?
That was my original idea. I wanted to start a foundation. I met a number of movitch people, but I couldn’t get them. If you do not see your personal benefit in this, do not want to go for it, have your ambitions. I did not want to give the foundation the name of a specific hunter. I wanted it to be a professional foundation that would help students like me. It didn’t work out. But I can imagine that when it will be very successful, in the course of the flight I am able to do something like this from my resources, or find a group of people who would do it with them. And I think it should help fund the stt. It works in the world, there are governments that fund the best students for the best rounds.

I am 21 years old, not freezing, that you did not go to college and do business instead?
I can’t help but have a great distance to work and I work a lot for myself, and it’s about economics and your history. Today, I don’t think the title before the name would help me. When you start a business at such a young age, it says something about it. I have a problem with the authorities, to stay in some way. It gives me two freedoms, it’s an activity I should give.