Pila did you not issue a credit card? It’s never enough to throw her out

You probably know that. There will be an inconspicuous amount of money, but in addition to telling about how easy it is to shop without using your own pension, you have a credit card. Someone throws her away two, not the last words of the letter, which may not pay off.

Banks, installments of the company, as well as other financial institutions use various products and services to sell their products and services. One of them is the so-called direct mails, ie letters with a specific offer (according to uritch characteristics) to the selected client. It doesn’t happen often, but it can appear in them, court by design – a normal credit card with a magnetic stripe, or chip.

If you offer a financial offer, you can enter it according to the instructions that the letter contains. Usually you should either visit a bank branch or just pick up the phone and inform the bank that you will accept the offer. In other cases, it should be worth devaluing the card, but will the salary work?

Cel process mv zsad ti scne
1. The simplest way to solve the situation is according to which the bank and other institutions address their client first only by a written offer, then he verifies the validity of the whole event by phone. If you do not want to use the offered service, in which case the credit card, simply do not respond, or reject it in a telephone conversation. The card will not even be made.

2. The type of scene is such that your payment card is pre-manufactured at a branch that runs, for example, in cash (eg esk spoitelna). As in the first case, the client is often contacted in writing, or the contact is then contacted by phone. Sometimes I even be left alone in his reia. The shipper is then like a fish – just a random fishing rod and they monitor the water level. Some of the fish will take you. If you decide not to go, nothing happens. Usually it’s just a matter of not reacting, or let the sender know that you won’t want the card to speed it up.

3. This scene is the one we turned it into water, so the letter contains a directly made credit card with your name. This case is not so frequent and if the banks implement it, then they only address selected clients very much in advance (eg Citibank, in one case HVB Bank also addressed its clients in this way).

In this way, the client will also be informed within the bank’s efforts to maximize the so-called metal sales (ie to maximize the number of banking products and services used by a single client). This is often very small, for example, in connection with the acquisition of one of the top products, you have told the bank that you are interested in some subsequent service.

Therefore, if you decide to reject the card offered in this way, you can invalidate it. For example, GE Money Bank recommends leaving it to their employees, who will destroy the card before your time. It is likely to bring this fact into the bank’s information system. If you know the card yourself, then it may take me a year, the bank will not delete the information about the offered product from its database.

The prefabricated card is unusable without activation
It is certainly a good idea to take at least one step when you hold a letter with a credit card in your hand in your name, so that in order to become a full-fledged and usable means of payment, you need to take at least one step. If the card is not active, do not know its PIN and you have not agreed on the conditions with the bank, the credit card cannot be used.

It is always up to the client whether he activates this pre-manufactured card, he does not withdraw the offer of a new card. Only with his proactive approach does the client decide to use Tom Pavlk, a press spokesman for HVB Bank and ivnostensk banka, for the so-called “plastic payment card” for iDNES.cz.

In addition, until you activate the card, you are not an official debtor for the bank and you are not so registered in the bottom of the registry. You become so and if you want to keep the card and activate it.

Activation can be performed in various ways. While sometimes you can tell your bank by phone and take care of the rest yourself (just the PIN), other times you have to go to one of its branches.

In any case, and in some offers of the bank and other monetary status, it will be interesting and you decide to take it out, or vice versa, and you don’t even want to hear it, it pays to pay simple instructions. All written offers usually contain precise instructions on how to behave if you are interested in the service and the product. There will also be information on what to do so that you can rest assured that you do not have any fictitious debts.