Rent a property for rent. Banks offer special mortgages

At the same time, low apartment prices and years of mortgage rates at historic lows represent the best combination for real estate. If you live in your own home and have free cash, you can’t invest in an apartment for rent.

The rental income in m will then help to meet the mortgage. With this, even banks, which, when assessing the client’s enough for a mortgage, place an emphasis on future income, which will flow from the lease of purchased real estate.

You must prove this income to the bank in advance. It is not enough that you share your mind about renting, you must also submit an existing contract with the tenant, or a contract for a future contract, or prove the rental income in the tax return.

There is interest in mortgages for rent

According to the bank, the owners of mortgages, which invest in real estate for rent, rent. For example, Markta Dvokov from Equa bank mentions that about 15 percent of all provided mortgages are for future rent. The interest is also confirmed by representatives of other banks, such as Komern banka, Volksbank and Wstenrot.

You can finance the property for rent with both a standard mortgage and a special mortgage product for the first time. These special mortgages for investments, which are offered by only a few banks, do not differ from standard mortgages intended for self-financing.

Both erpn and complied with the same rules as for other mortgages. In the same way, you must provide the acquired real estate or other real estate in the Czech Republic for the mortgage.

Speciln mortgages for investments with shorter maturities

If you want to draw a mortgage on an investment, you have to have something saved. Banks pay only up to 70 percent (for example Wstenrot) and 90 percent (for example Volksbank) of the value of the mortgage.

Some banks limit their mortgages to a maximum of two. While, for example, esk spoitelna and Komern banka will provide a mortgage up to a maximum of 20 million crowns, at Volksbank you can normally pay only seven million crowns for an investment.

Offer mortgages for investment
Bank product years rate (for fixations: year, 3 years, 5 years) In the heart of the values ​​of the statute
esk spoitelna Business hypotka individually, you do not have a mortgage on your own home the bank did not state a maximum of 20 million crowns
Mortgage bank Hypotka on pronjem (1) 4,69 %, 3,99 %, 3,99% (2) do 85 %
Komern bank Investin hypotka from 4.09%, 2.99%, 3.09% up to 85%, max. 20 million crowns
LBBW Bank IQ Hypotka na pronjem from 3.59%, 2.99%, 2.73% the bank did not state a maximum of CZK 12.5 million for a fixed rate or CZK 10 million for a floating rate
Potovn spoitelna It was hypotka if slubou Hypotka na pronjem 4,69 %, 3,99 %, 3,99% (2) do 85 %
UniCredit Bank Nerezidenn hypoten pvr for all fixations 2.99% (3) do 70 %
Volksbank Where does the hypotka gland starost come from? 5,09 %, 4,69 %, 4,39 % do 90 %, max. ve vru do 7 milion kor (4)
wstenrot Hypotka on pronjem ron fixation years do not provide rates, 4.14%, 4.29% do 70 %
Source: banks; Notes: (1) intended to finance two or more properties under one contract; (2) fixation for the value of the stock 85%, the value of the stock 70%: 4.49%, 3.79%, 3.79%; (3) from 3 million crowns and in years the rate for all three fixations is 2.89%); (4) in individual cases and EUR 1 million

Going with one restriction is yours. Not all banks can enforce the maximum payment time they have set for standard mortgages. For example, esk spoitelna and UniCredit Bank require repayment of the mortgage up to 15 years (standard and 30 years), Volksbank has a maximum maturity of 20 years (30 years) and Hypoten banka together with Potovn spoitelná require repayment of the mortgage for up to 25 years at the latest flight).