She paid 19 thousand for enough for the subsidy, for a year in vain

Barbora Plkov lives with her husband in an old family house in the picturesque village of Habrvka near Blansko. The house needed reconstruction, so last January Mr. Plkov started looking for a suitable construction company.

She entered a request on the Internet, which several companies responded to. I had a price offer made, they were here, they looked at it, they changed it, and in the end I chose the company of Josef Kapar, I thought it was very solid and also promised to provide a subsidy for Green Disputes, describes Mr. Plkov.

She therefore signed a contract with Josef Kapar and consulted the scope of the reconstruction with the architect whom Mr. Kapar brought. They advised me to insulate everything, including the roofs, and also to replace all the windows and doors so that it would be as green as possible and to get the largest possible subsidy, the customer wrote.

The reconstruction began in May last year and was completed and paid for in three months. It cost a total of 200 thousand crowns. So all that was left was to file enough for the subsidy. Mr. Plkov gave Mr. Kapar a power of attorney to apply for a subsidy and paid another 19 thousand crowns for the project and expert opinion. According to the agreement, it was supposed to be quite good last year. Whenever I call Mr. Kapar, he just keeps promising where I’m going, I’m going to see an architect, I don’t know, but he hasn’t given enough yet, Mr. Plkov says.

I will receive enough for the subsidy this year on June 31st

I only receive enough about the subsidy last year this June, and if there is not enough of you, Mr. Plkov will not receive a crown from the state. It would probably be easy if I submitted enough on my own, only at this moment Mr. Kapar has all the documents with him and also my nineteen thousand for the project, says Plkov.

The editors of the black sheep became interested in the problem and visited entrepreneurs Josef Kapar. According to him, the delay occurred when he became ill. I’m sure to understand and apologize. Only as Mr. Kapar admitted that the problem was on his side. I wanted to submit enough at last year, but when I consulted it, they told me that I did not have the first project, Josef Kapar told me. However, he promised that enough would be done by the end of the project, and the project is currently available at the auditor’s.

It looked like the happy ending. The very next day after the shoot, Josef Kapar visited Mr. Plková, gave the invoice the city of the prepared project and quite a lot of beer. Twenty thousand for the project. Only Mr. Plkov once paid the one at the furnace. However, according to Josef Kapar, the project is expensive, not how much is paid.

I do not see any reasons here for an agreed remuneration for the award of a subsidy, Mr. Kapar is not interested in this, given the fact that he had to fulfill his obligations under the contract last year, to lawyer Patrik Altner.

So if you don’t want to get into similar problems as Mr. Plkov, we have a few tips for you.

Do insulated self-help? Then you forget about the subsidy

The amount of the subsidy New Green Dispute is quite complicated, on the pages of the State Environmental Fund you will find an orienting calculator. Last year, the average subsidy was 246,922 crowns.

Enough about the subsidy is very simple, but it is important to comply with a few basic conditions.

You do not have to carry out the reconstruction yourself, it must always be carried out by a professional company, which is registered in the list of the State Environmental Fund. enough about the subsidy can be done electronically, it is then necessary to document the project and energy assessment. The project and the energy assessment can be prepared only by authorized persons, their list is on the Fund’s website, points out Lenka Brandtov, a spokesman for the State Environmental Fund.

It is ideal to be interested in going to the subsidy before implementation and to book a consultation with some of the Fund’s regional offices. There I will advise you on what to do and whether you are a suitable candidate. It is necessary to find an energy assessment processor and a designer and at that moment know if you will reach the level necessary for the dispute, then you can go to the designer to agree that if you take some extra measures, if you get to that level , where the subsidy is you, recommends speaking.


  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the Program.
  • Find a designer and energy specialist who will prepare an expert opinion, project documentation and energy opinion.
  • Lists of authorized persons can be found on the KAIT and KA websites. A list of energy specialists is available on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • In cooperation with the expert of the expert opinion, fill in the cover sheet of technical parameters.
  • Fill out the e-mail enough for support.
  • Dorute Fund enough to support including mandatory areas in paper form.
  • Get professional technical supervision of the kit.
  • Choose specific materials, products and their suppliers.
  • Only materials, products or technologies from the List of Products and Technologies need to be selected and their implementation must be performed only by a person listed in the List of Professional Suppliers. The Product and Technology List (SVT) and the Professional Supplier List (SOD) are available on the Program’s website.
    source: SFP