Test: Do you know how they are doing with financial breeding?

In the old Czech film Valentin Dobrotiv, the main character of the sawdust writes down all his entries in the notebook. You also tip, who will give the messenger. Such a detailist is now only available to few, although led by the home ethnicity is not a completely dead discipline.

Only those spirits from us often find a place after a paper note after an application in a smartphone or on an Excel spreadsheet. Financial literacy is a term that is gaining in importance, and perhaps thanks to this, according to research, the period of time for households to drink without income only from what they have.

Try to answer the questions about financial breeding people in the Czech Republic. The data come from research conducted by ING Bank, Partners, Home Credit, Poradnaveritele. At the same time, you can compare your own habits with what is usual. You may find that you behave much more responsibly than you. But on the contrary.