The Czech economy is doing well, but slow down does not take long to wait

Last week he showed that the Czech economy remained in good shape. So far, some black visions that send the economy back into recession are not being fulfilled. However, in the light of developments in the world, it is now certain that the economy will slow down in the coming months.

Czech unemployment remains the best in the world compared to other EU countries. This was confirmed by data on unemployment, which fell from 8.6 percent in August to 8.5 percent, which means 487 thousand people without work.

Although it is still a high slaughter, unemployment has fallen to tmsn lows. The situation has been steadily improving since November, when unemployment reached its peak at 9.9 percent. It’s okay to confuse you with darkness, because unemployment has hit the bottom of the summer.

Some of them are acquainted with work in agriculture and construction. Clients of job vacancies will thus be recruited from the field of public administration and the rest of the graduate rounds. However, the situation on the labor market is developing similarly to a year ago, which most European economies could only dream of.

Retail sales are growing

So he gave economic data last week turned out to be positive. As unemployment fell, retail sales rose by 2.8 percent year on year after a July decline. It was the sixth best result this year, when retail sales fell in most months. Sales of cars and non-food goods contributed the most to the growth.

It played a role that this August had one more working day than in 2009. It could be poor again. Due to the list of unemployment and slow wage growth, retail in other months will not be one of the driving forces of the Czech economy.

Favor the production industry

The statistics of industrial production turned out to be the most positive last week. The Czech industry grew by 12.9% and the wall thus recalled the golden ruins of 2002 and 2008. During the whole period, the industry recorded meziron nrst.

After a severe crisis in 2009, when the mezzanine industry declined, industrial production opt shows growing inputs. Even after the influence of working days, the growth is “only” 10.1 percent, but this is an above-average result. The sector still benefits from the growing demand abroad, especially in the automotive segment and the electrical engineering industry. The low base year of the crisis has stabilized, and this is a valuable result.

Slow down for two

The good results of long economic statistics are two good ones for GDP growth even in the third quarter. Economic growth could still fall above two percent. A good outlook for the Czech economy until the last quarter is declining abroad. Germany, with which the Czech economy is connected by a bud, is showing a slowdown since the arrest.

The rapid growth of the euro in recent weeks will leave the European economy in the near future. It is certain that the period of relatively high growth in the Czech Republic will not last outside. The economy must respond to its economic growth in the world, so in the following months the probability of stagnation and slightly worsen most economic indicators. Even so, the Czech economy is still over time and the great problems of some European countries are avoided by the arc.