The dollar costs less than 20 crowns after two months

For the first time since the end of June, the US dollar will sell for less than 20 crowns. In the morning, the koruna strengthened against both world currencies, the dollar stood at 19.98 K and the euro at 24.81 koruna, according to the Patria Online server.

“In the US dollar, trading fell below 20 K / USD after two months. Thorn sentiment is also a key factor in koruna profits. Macro data, on the other hand, play against the crown, ”said Miroslav Novk, an analyst at Akcenta.

Due to the current prevailing positive mood in the market, the phenomenon of strengthening the crown in the coming days and weeks as a probable option, he added.

According to Tom Vlk from Patria Finance from Central Europe, there are no days at first, the situation in the world is a bag for me support.

The euro strengthens against the dollar, around 10:25 it was at 1.2414 USD / EUR. According to Vlk, the markets deal mainly with the situation in the euro area, one about the conditions of the Czech economy or the prospects for the intervention of the European Central Bank to support the economy.

“The euro can be helped by high levels of change for the Czech Republic, but the mood in this regard may be known to be variable,” Wolf said.