The flow to ATMs are plates, to the police

The case of stealing bank loans with the help of a comparison of data from a payment card has been in the last month, it does not appear according to the bank’s estimates.

According to a spokesman for the police presidium, Ladislav Bernek, ATM thieves have recently become popular with Czech thieves. After these cases have disappeared, we have noticed in the last few months that there are more of them, said Bernek. According to him, banks and their clients reported several cases in the case of the lack of payment cards during this period.

The MF DNES newsroom was contacted by the district who was robbed by ATM thieves. This time it is an eBanka client, so the pension lasted a week. The suspect was at an ATM in Prague on Charles University, ie in the same city where the card of the first client was, he only informed the editors.

I was robbed in a transmission, the information about the collections was sent by SMS first, describes Petr J. He spent 19 thousand crowns in t minutes. We immediately called the bank, when the thieves were at the ATM, dodv. The Komern Bank, which probably involved the most cases, turned to the police. For more information, see below. We do not share information on where the pensions were selected and how we recognize the suspicion of the transaction, Roman Ondrkov told him. It did not specify the code and number of attacked ATMs.

The police admit that if the thief does not get caught directly, the chances of their detection are negligible. These are usually international groups, if I recall, the perpetrators of these scams in the Czech Republic have never been detected, Bernek explained.

The bank must take care of the client’s safety. The biggest loser promises that by the end of the year, they will install special transparent card extensions on their ATMs, on which they will not be able to mount the counterfeit dot.

So far, only this aunt’s ATM is secured in this way. Banks claim that this is the most modern technology available, so it was not possible to equip two ATMs. According to security experts, the bank’s efforts to insist on expensive security would rather help clients drill their pensions behind this approach.