There are tables for the exit. Judge the courts

If you were wandering out of your vacation and instead of having nice memories of the congress, you think you went to it at all, try to get you a pension back.

It is not possible to claim a bag for what tourists do not like, but only what does not correspond to the conditions stated in the travel contract, catalog, brochure or website of the travel agent.

During the holidays, the sea was very big, there were a lot of mules on the field, the food in the Czech hotel was too much, there were hostels and tourists from the country in the resort, and you don’t understand them with a travel complaint.

On the contrary, when the traveler accommodates in a hotel room, even if you have booked a bungalow, or I have errors in the view of the sea, which was advertised in the catalog, the air conditioning does not work, the beds forgot to clean the room and no one looked for children bought, claim for a discount mte.

Frankfurt discount table

What exactly can you get it for, and as you know, the so-called Frankfurt discount table, which compares the actual level of equipment and services with what the travel agency promised.

The table was created by the Provincial Court in Frankfurt in 1985 to help him get the price of the congress in case of a complaint. Although not binding, it was nevertheless given to judges mainly in Germany and Austria. And given that the EU does not yet have a single document on the quality of services in the field of tourism, the judges of other EU countries, including the Czech Republic, report this.

Frankfurt discount table
Jin ne slben hotel 10 – 25 %
Jin rove hostels 5 – 10 %
Pli mal plocha 5 – 10 %
Error insight on moe * 5 – 10 %
Hopefully a balcony, TV, radio * 5 – 10 %
Mlo nbytku 5 – 10 %
Air conditioning error * 10 – 20 %
vbi in the room 10 – 50 %
Rez, plse 10 – 50 %
Toilet not working, hot water 15 %
Lack of peace 10 – 25 %
Noise during the day and night 5 – 40 %
Smell 5 – 15 %
Zkaen i dn strava 5 – 50 %
pinav pl or pool 10 – 20 %
Note: * if written Source: European Consumer Center for R

The principle of the table is that it divides individual services into categories, which is assigned a percentage of the exit price. If the specific service of errors or is insufficient, the travel client should be entitled to a discount first in which he is evaluated. It is practically possible to reach me in the reimbursement and 100 percent of the price of the descent, but it is important to take into account that any defect can be sweat only for the days when it actually lasted.

The courts also refer to the so-called ITQ Standard

In addition to the Frankfurt table, there is the so-called ITQ Standard, which was created in 2008 by the ERV Insurance Company as an insurance product for travel agents. Its table is very similar to Frankfurt, the feelings of the category are, however, given out more specifically.

Thus, for example, the general wording lack of peace is specific to this hotel as peace of mind makes me less than twice a stay. The Czech courts issued a dispute from us several times during the dispute, to Vlastimil Divok, Marketing and Communications Manager of ERV Evropsk pojiovny.