They bought an old pub. Net wine, but wash the original pieces

Dv Kateina Dvokov devoted herself to ceramics, but when she got pregnant and con problems arose, she had to work with hl. And because her mother came from a family from Krejov, they set out to wear children’s clothes. She recently founded her own studio Caldero and her products are still very popular.

You know that you don’t know much, but you still have a good business where to offer copper. How did it happen?
My personal experience with it is really only marginal, thanks to families. From an early age, I fell asleep while playing their machines or clicking needles. I often sat on my mother’s knees. At that time she was mainly on my belly. Soon after the revolution, she started a business, lived strong children’s things and sold them together with children’s knitted sweaters in newly emerging boutiques.

il v rodin jet nkdo jin?
Tailoring appears in families, which I remember. Riding a prominent personality from this point of view was my great-grandmother from the mother’s side, which is said in the family that she was very cleverly tailored, but none of us knew her, because she died at the age of 36. Krejm was, among other things, a grandfather on his father’s side and a great-grandfather on his mother’s side. And so I finally got to it too, albeit a little differently.

You made pottery. Did you quit for that?
I started with ceramics quite a bit. After completing a full retraining course in a ceramic studio in Prague, where I learned the basics, my mother and I had a ceramic mat in the basement of our family house. We went through trial and error. It was a lot of fun for us and the whole thing was relieved. It was a period of goddamn, independent, free, bohmatic and carefree.

V em?
We went to sell at castles and music festivals. At that time, internet sales slowly started, we registered and started selling the dog Flr. We have cooperated with several companies and pottery shops. So we had a shop for ceramics and loose goods in Umperk for two years. The whole of our ceramics lasted ten years, and it was suddenly ended by my pregnancy, when eczema appeared on my hands. And because my mother never learned toit on a potter’s wheel, we’re done.

He takes it back to it. If you didn’t know how to do it, I wonder how you washed it up at the arrest?
Not at all. Naturally, it went smoothly. During the ceramics, we dealt with the number of edges, which helped. it stayed at mm, but together we grinded, printed, applied, dyed and batik. Even at the moment, I don’t need it to work. ij nm vadleny.

So your job?
We work with both of us in the fact that we collect and buy material, wash models, long run prints, prepare and take care of defects, communicate with customers, take care of sales, e-shop operation, promotion, photos, edit photos, including goods. for sale and we prepare documents for etn. Until recently, we also packed, but we now have a colleague who takes care of the expedition.

What was the first thing you and your mom did?
I don’t remember that, but it was also the licks, t-shirts and T-shirts that we sold on the stand together with the ceramics.

How did your work develop over time?
Also somehow born. We always did it mainly because we enjoyed it, we never had a long-term wash of business. And because we used to sell materials, we were mainly made of cotton and linen.

Len is quite an expensive affair. Don’t reflect its prices to your potential customers?
I like to be dressed lernel, comfortable and practical, and in this she is ideal for me. It’s not so clear with that price. We have customers who can see that you do not have to look at your price, but also those who have been dreaming for a long time. You also return to us regularly.

Where do you just hang out and put the ricks, do you eat them?
Recently, we have succeeded in what we have been striving for since the arrest – to firmly speak to the Czech Republic. I have a long tradition in the area. My grandmother and grandpa worked all their lives in Moravolen u ns in Libin. At present, only a handful of companies are engaged in the production of flax in the Czech Republic, and we work with those suppliers. Two of them are even in close proximity. We are very grateful that today we can only afford to shop in such quantities that we can enter our own colors.

What’s in your house?
We are committed to strengthening children’s and children’s clothing, such as dresses, skirts, Turks, blouses, tunics, tops, coats, and skis. We would always like to expand the children’s assortment, as well as we hope that we will soon get to the pieces that are still of interest.

Who designs your clothes?
We work on nvrzch together with my mother. We have the same taste, also some disagreements come very far. In such a non-violent way, let’s talk about what we would like to do new and what it should look like. These cases are maturing in large numbers. We focus on simplicity, but also on the variability and combinability of individual pieces. We have many layers and small details.

Mte njak zamstnance?
We cooperate with several children’s tailors, who have their own equipped long and for us to a different extent, according to their abilities. Today, it is very difficult to find quality and experienced defects, so we are very interested in all of them. As I said, we have a colleague on an expedition and we definitely have our models in our darkness.

Where and in what premises should you share?
Currently in completely unsatisfactory. We are still in the basement of my parents’ house, where we started with a ceramic longhorn. We have one room there to store as a warehouse of goods and ready-made items, one small room with a machine and space for ironing, a small office and a room for preparation and dispatch of balconies, laundry, drying, printing, pulling, long hauling.

Can you send out initial investments? How is their reversibility?
The initial investment was not essentially days. We were also equipped with small equipment, we invested mainly in summer, and sometimes also in quality photo equipment. Huge investment saw and recently, when we bought an old pub in a small village in the town of mho live. We repair it first and we want to build a new floor there and build a company there. It will be a real change for us and it will be very dark. The beautiful sunny city with many large windows and views of the forests will be a huge difference compared to the existing cellar space.

How do you communicate with customers?
Mostly in writing, on Flra inside, on our e-shop via e-mail. I went to the e-shop alone in the shop and went far from an unresponsive idea. There is a lot of need to fine-tune and darken, and I will have to deal with it.

Who is in the typical order?
Our customers are strong, which are close to sale and reduced to originality. Appreciate the quality of the material, laziness, femininity and combinability of the piece. About eight hundred percent of our customers return and shop again. often nm p, e exactly such a style dressed for a long time looking.

How many pieces will you take tdn, how long are the waiting times?
They are plates a piece tdn. N turnover is constantly growing, for example this year has doubled compared to last year. Waiting times are different, some pieces we have in stock, for things that are yet to happen, we have the specified period of ten days. However, it is only a matter of time, depending on many operational factors, especially the current volume of orders. Uit vci then go ahead and sum so that the customers get them at the shit.

And what about bureaucracy. How do you fight?
We do not fight, we dream of taking it as a necessary bite to work. Zsadnj vci e nae etn.

Do you have a certificate, how did that happen?
They contacted us from the Jesenice regional product to ask if we were interested in their trademark. Of course, we had it, so we introduced our products to the commission and won the mark.

What do you rely on the most, do you have a business child?
We try to do everything we can. The whole process and after unpacking the package of customers is important for us. With this so-called slow fashion, we will choose quality materials that do not come to us across the world. Balme ecologically.