They started with tens of thousands. They made the first million after those years

As girls had, they both had the same dreams. Then they kind of forgot about it, but natst met in a bike. Today, Tuguldur Rotnsk Burmaa and Andrea Kopalov have their own Paon emblem.

At the arrest of your business was a seminar work on a high bike. Is that so?
Basically, yes, the idea of ​​creating your own characters comes from the first business class, where we had to speak out loud before the whole week, in which we would be happy to do business. We have all shared ideas and dreams. After hours, Togi and I sat side by side, because we were interested in the fact that we both wanted to have our own character, so we forgot.

Togi: Paon was then created outside the wheel, but with the contribution of local professors, with whom we have future signs of life.

What does Paon label mean and who invented it?
Paon means French pv, but it was not dead. We found out and after we chose the name and saw the name, we simply went through the interesting and nice words on the internet and Paon ns simply addressed us.

We then automatically added the word label to the name on the social tables and it remained. Mainly because another company in the Czech Republic did not have it, as well as I believe. Label for Paon u simply pat.

When did it occur to start a business?
: After several months sifted in the cafes from he business hours first.

How were the arrests and what was the best? Find materials, wilts, premises, or get a pension to start?
We were warmed up when we saw it. We didn’t find the one who was willing to learn a new thing and have a feeling for the bottom ass, it took almost a year. This is because someone does not have underwear, on which it is not usually taught and it is a very specific activity, when you really work with many different materials with different flexibility. It took more than a year to create one of the first perfectly fitting triangular stitches. Togi and I put the pension together, we started with 30,000 K.

Weren’t you competing? There are so many underwear makers. MDid you know that I will eat it?
For us at that time, the competition was more of an inspiration than a potential threat. Uila ns and formed. We just started to give something that we enjoyed, and I guess at the moment when we said we would have the Paon sign, I wouldn’t even guess that we would get that far.

Togi: We asked if we were fucking our friends, and in fact they were the impetus for us to start building a company. We originally wanted to make a sale of assholes and more nonho ass for the production of ass. But our friends convinced us otherwise and we released the first ones in 2016 for the first collection.

Mla spch? In your ass was another? And where are you today?
: It was and still is different in commercial stores. After all, it was also very extravagant, today, in 2020, we are limiting ourselves mainly by creating an ass that is not only nice and seductive, but also from materials that do not burden the environment.

The Paon emblem was established in 2016, you founded the company on February 1, 2019, what were you doing for years?
For those years, we worked on, among other things, the trade license, and in November 2019 we said that Paon had reached such a stage that the entry on the trade license was not fully available. In addition, we expected our sales to grow to millions in.

How did your results turn out?
For now, we are still growing and reinvesting a lot, but let’s see that we are stabilizing the horse and knowing what to expect in the coming months. Ron sells ass in hundreds of pieces and in turn we went through a million hundred in a year, maybe a year.

Is there any way Paon from 1.2.2019 from Paon today?
Very. We are organized, we have products in stock, we fill and prepare well in advance and we are still calm in certain situations. Every year we create new strokes, work with new materials and establish cooperation with more and more people who inspire us and move Paon dl beyond our personal capabilities. There is a lot of experience behind them that we had to go through to be here today and have what we have.

What does it look like on a working day?
: I take care of the basic agenda of the whole characters, ie ethnicity, management, production and e-shop. When my working day is different. Sometimes I stayed in the showroom all day, gave him a day to run around Prague, shnt materials, send packages or walk around. At work, I like not sitting in the same place, but being flexible and handling my time as needed.

Togi: J is dedicated to the entire production and operation of photos and videos. This job is most fun, it is creative and, moreover, often pleased with the whole organization. We are also looking forward to establishing new cooperation with other companies. My current days are calmer due to pregnancy. When I’m not in the showroom, I go to meetings with her or work from home.

Don’t you regret starting a private business? Wouldn’t it be better in employment? worry, you would just draw suggestions.
I think that Paon is so busy that we would get used to the classic employment relationship, which of course we both experienced. If a hunter really wants to create something of his own, he also needs a free space, which is often not his job.

Togi: Our journey is definitely nronj, but that’s what it’s about! Because creating something from full arrests is an incredible experience, and seeing your character grow is a real satisfaction for the work done that no one but you has done.

How full are you in the future? Do you want to gain a foothold in European and world markets?
: We definitely want that! But first we have to create stable warehouses here at home in the Czech Republic. In the future, we want to expand our offer with non-koilky, pyama, fasteners and accessories, such as socks or sleeping masks. In addition, we would like to work with other inspiring people and characters every year.

Togi: Ns ass fucking because it expresses femininity. Me en completely change the mood and underline its neck. We want to design an underwear for you in the future, which will not only meet the criteria for design, but will also be made of sustainable materials and always made in the Czech Republic.