This is the tip of the iceberg

Does student life cost anything and pocket money from a parent? Find a job. If you do not want to start a career in the field you are studying, you can choose one of the short-term brigades.

Statistics from the Student Agency state that 20 years ago students and 90 percent were brigdnk, in 2005 it was 50 percent, this year about a quarter. This is because students are now more time-consuming, and due to bankruptcy or customs duties, so they have better material support from the family. On average, the student works three shifts per month. When are you metepivydlat?

1.Veins ps

The range is mainly on messages, where one hunter is able to serve more households and give you dogs at once. The supply often exceeds the demand, the ads are easy to find (and placed) on home appliances, they easily fit on the Internet.

It is good for a dog owner to have some references that document your previous experience with the invites. Go before the dark, do not go to the park with the dog, agree with the owners on how he invites to educate what he can and what he does not do.


In most cases, there is a demand for cohort from the base wheel, on which it is necessary to shine the acquisition of knowledge. Great interest is in the douovn English and other foreign languages. Many young people have spent time abroad and have a great time with the left rear conversation.

There is a relatively new demand for ethany for foreigners, so those who offer a converted Czech language lesson will therefore find clients. As well as a tutor of mathematics and chemistry, they often belong to a large number of students in these fields.

Private tutoring is usually more convenient than attending language (conversion or tutoring) courses. The price per hour is usually a bit higher than for an ordinary week, for six minutes you pay about two hundred crowns.

3.Hldn dt

Especially in these cities, it is often a problem to find for children after the round somehow, if you ring or the other end two, they are not born returning from work. At that moment, the students come in and pick them up, take them home, prepare a snack for him and make bicycles with you. Other times, give birth only to accompany the offspring to the ring or from the bike to the grandmother.

For a week, students usually spend about a hundred crowns an hour, which is me, they would not give a search agency. It is advisable to ask some people for a reference, and to make a good impression right at the first meeting. It is also necessary to agree on the conditions of upbringing – whether the child will watch me on television and for how long, if you break me to snacks and the like.

4.Vlastnorun products –,

Again the phenomenon of recent years: websites for all creatives who want to show their products to the world. On pages such as (American equivalent of you can find almost anything, handmade products from nuns and bracelets to handbags, home textiles and ceramics to social partners and the general, prices range from crown units to several thousand.

Nice beer, but otherwise not much. The overwhelming fabric of the offered goods is made up of small details such as perk and hooked l, which cannot be sold at high prices, even if they are original and precisely manufactured. In addition, it is necessary to invest in material (beads, ltka, FIMO material) and spend some time making. It often happens that hunters visit websites with handmade products not for purchase, but for inspiration for their own creation.

5.YouTube & spol.

In recent years, the bag of such beers has torn apart both abroad and at home. Young people enjoy you playing popular pottery games, doing everyday activities, or just playing. Atoto video, recently annotated, sometimes with background music, posted on the Internet, most often on, and earns pre-recording ads.

You don’t need much, most vlogers, how to get them (combined words video and blog / blogger), use a webcam and digital camera with the possibility of uploading videos. It is clear that the girls will find quality video, but even that will be done today with a minimum of costs with commonly available electronics. The Internet is just a snapshot of flax and clothes, most of them have a tutorial tutorial. The most famous inserts and vlogers also have millions of fans, and I know companies that give them their products for free and ensure their promotion. Even in field conditions with a thousand fans, it is possible to issue hundreds of months by logging. Need is courage and npad.

6.Various leaflets

So many young people have been drinking. All you have to do is go through the discussion groups and you will probably think about this guide to the student budget. There are companies (mainly large hypermarkets), which compared to others pay a relatively sunny. In most cases, the bag will have two strips of halls in one flight, and the relay will not swing over a few thousandths.

It is quite tiring, it is definitely not possible to take your squadron in your hand and spread it when you believe in a dog. Areas for distribution are quite large, the flight can be several thousand. Each willow needs to be spread out in two to five days, then you will immediately get put. It was also necessary to complete the squadrons at home in the dressing room.

Some tips state that it is good to take a two-and-a-half flight range at once. It is only suitable from a time point of view, when you can throw in more than one brochure at a time during a round trip, but the pension was usually not worth a few kilograms extra.

If you choose a split squadron on the subway or on the run street, turn around with patience and a good mood, hurried people are often uncomfortable and rude. The hourly salary of the bag is even around a hundred, bad for locations and sweat squadrons.

ContractsDPP a DP mus bt psmn

Work performance agreement (DPP)– Health and social insurance is paid for this contract, and if the debt to one employer exceeds ten thousand gross currency. You can have several agreements on the performance of work, the condition is not to exceed 300 working hours per year for one employer. So even if you have two contracts with one employer, look at the number of hours worked together. The minimum wage is 50 and 60 crowns gross per hour, the maximum is set no.

The new contract must be concluded in writing only. And it is suitable to have it for both smooth and douovn, even if it is not a job for the company. In the contract, it is good to describe the agreed work and vi rewards, patterns are available on the Internet. The agreement on the execution of the work is defined by 74 and 77 of the end of the work.

Employment agreement(DP) – It is necessary to conclude it in writing, the contract must specify the type of activity, the period for which the agreement is concluded (for certain or indefinite), and financial evaluation. Most part-time workers meet DP during work in fast food chains, where they do not get a choice, otherwise a suitable agreement on the work is clearly understood for the student.

When concluding an agreement on employment, the work must not exceed 20 hours a week (half of the working hours) and the health and social insurance is paid from the remuneration of CZK 2,500 per month. However, students can apply for a tax rebate, and the employer should provide them with any information immediately upon arrival.

This type of employment contract is concluded especially in the case where the student works more than 300 hours a year, but wants to remain a part-time worker. When terminating the contract by the employee, the employer may insist on a fifteen-day notice period. In the same way, it is possible to enshrine a part of the corresponding deadline in both types of contracts. DP is again defined 74 and 77 of the end of the work.

When to pay the tax?

Student-brigdnk should sign Prohlen taxpayer (rov papr). This can only be applied to one employer. At the end of the year, I can apply for a tax rebate on the taxpayer and a discount on the student, which includes the fact that the employer should explain it to him.

In practice, however, this means that if the student has spent about 16,000 crowns in gross money, he will not give anything away and will be reimbursed. When a student works for more than one employer, 15 percent of the second income (if not 5,000 crowns) is deducted. How to apply for a tax refund, the employer should advise again.