Trenrki have a room from January, you can pay for the heat in the apartment yourself

Mie and heat indicators in the apartments are mandatory from January. According to estimates, stle nem is 20 and 30 percent apartment. Ask for them to rise.

Every owner who wants to catch up with the deadline has the most time to order. Our assembly capacities are currently fully utilized, points out Daniel Nov, sales director of Ista, who manufactures and supplies and regulates equipment and generates heat and water.

Do you have at least a rough idea of ​​how many flats or houses you can drive and indicators are missing?
We estimate that they are not equipped with about 18 and 20 percent. Among them are most municipal and city apartments, there go missing indicators of monks and aunts. It seems that some cities have fallen asleep a little.

Is the situation different for drustev or unit ownership units?
Most of them ordered indicators at two for energy savings and thus fair distribution.

And do they really help save energy, and even pension?
It is quite surprising, but the consumption of each apartment building after the installation of individual will drop by 10 and 20 percent.

How is that?
Many so-called shorts, ie fines, who have so far warmed their flats to the maximum, and at home, due to the heat, only walked together, suddenly started to tighten and tighten the regulated taps. Because they know that their sail will not dissipate the whole house, but pay for it yourself.

Just buy the device so it costs something. In apartment buildings, the costs are paid for at least thousands of thousands.
Investment in residential heat indicators is one of the most suitable, fast return. According to our experience, input costs are drilled for energy savings within two years. The first rapid energy saving is thus the main reason why the mandatory installation of a heat indicator has become one of the requirements of the European Union.

According to which, the community of owners and municipalities should choose who will install their technology?
As always, the ratio of quality and price comes first, I recommend avoiding price extrmm. It is important to choose mainly such systems, which will give birth, because European legislation will be updated.

Jakm zpsobem?
From 2017, especially for homeowners, they will be obliged to allow them to gently monitor energy consumption on a continuous basis. Therefore, it is essential to choose a measure that can meet this in advance, even if it is not yet entirely clear how accurate the procurator will look like. Modern two-way radio systems are ready for these future requirements.

So do you prefer to choose a expensive, sophisticated model?
If the owner buys into the apartment obsolete mie, I will realize that soon he will have to replace them with modern technology. My minimum lifespan is 10 years, and it is also inappropriate for me to succeed in the end as a result.

Is it also suitable for a technique that can be developed in the future?
That’s right, they should be purchased as kits to allow future connections to you and new water meters, or to web portals and online data monitoring. It is suitable when the evening of clothing takes place on a long-term basis, in addition, there is only one company. This reduces the cost of clothes and halves and increases the comfort of the refugees, who do not have to tie anyone to the apartment for clothes and keep them private.