VIDEO: A policeman is looking for a robbery with a silver revolver, he is also taking hostages

Police officers from the metropolis ask for help in dealing with a Sri Lankan loot, which escapes in two years. During that time, I have 20 successful banks, casinos or exchange offices. He is aggressive and has taken hostages.

Lupi operates in Prague and the Middle Ages, together for more than a million crowns. One of Szkov’s offices, who presented him with a weapon, offers a fifty thousand reward for his capture.

Identikit s

Identity of a sickle leaf that falls on two plates. Escape since 2010.

“He is very experienced and aggressive, he doesn’t even mind the fact that there is a lot of people in the building. For use a silver color revolver. In one case, he wanted his pension so hard that he went to the oven and used the security guard as a hostage, “describes Jan Rsslerov, the crack of the police.

Sriov robs criminalists of escaping and knowing that they know his cloak, his voice and his cloak. “He is between the ages of 45 and 60, medium build. I have dark eyes and speaks Czech without a strong sound. During the fall, he is dressed in bottoms and dark jackets in most cases.

Forensic scientists suspect that they are robbing their experience of the armed forces. So the extrmn ostrait. If he sees the camera, he covers himself and tries to disguise himself, even in the dark.

If I can be caught and convicted with a silver revolver, I will spend 12 years in the cell.