Vyhoel casino ek nov život, pemna ​​v nkupn centrum finini

A year ago, homeless people and drug addicts gathered in the buildings of the high-end casino near the main railway station in Brno. However, the ruin has since become unrecognizable, and on May 2, the ceremonial opening of the Letmo shopping center, which is being built on the premises, is going to take place. MF DNES inspected them exclusively.

“Two hundred and twenty people work there every day, at long work,” said construction manager Gabriel Pusztay.

Inside the building hu drills and candles to turn the rough construction into spaces for shops and restaurants. There are lifts and escalators in the town, and on some floors there is a lined toilet or a view around the lower floors. The future customers of the center will see them below.

“At the moment, we have a long cardboard structure, a prefabricated drawstring, we are working on the wall of the fence and the facade,” Pusztay described.

When there is a full length, only in the upper heel, which was two full junk, there is silence. The space is ready there. From the side terraces there is a beautiful view of the AZ Tower or Vinohrady.

In the building, add the surface of the right, then tune the area to the individual tenants according to their ideas.

Leen sundaj for two tdny

Passing by from behind, I can see an atypical façade with large glazed eyes, which aroused criticism and talent. The author of the architectural design is Tom Dvok and his colleagues Martin Klimeck and David Fier.

However, the facade is not completely finished, in the next few days it will be finn ntr. Soon the people will see the facade and the front from the ndra. “It will go down in about a thirteen days,” said Zdenk Filpek, director of the investment company IFM Group.

The underpass under the building, through which crowds of people flowed before the extensive reconstruction, will be open to the public from 2 May.

About five thousand percent of the area of ​​the ten-story building is occupied. “Salary, there will be food downstairs. People in the buildings will also find a drugstore, lkrna, vinotheque, ATMs, directories, clothing, footwear, bondage shops, fast food restaurants, a mixture of services or cafes, ”Filpek named.

It was scheduled to open in November

The shopping center called Letmo should have been originally opened since last November, but due to the completion of the project, the work was delayed. Then the construction was delayed again due to the requirements of the tenants, for example due to the load-bearing capacity of the floors.

The construction of the shopping center cost about 300 million crowns. The company increased its budget by about ten percent compared to the original full. “Let’s get a return on investment in twelve years,” Filpek said at two.

The building of the former casino has a long history. Eleven years ago, two firefighters and one croupier died in a large-scale outbreak.

For the next few years, there were thly property lawsuits between the city and the company Porta Brno plus. The building has meanwhile been used and served as an improvised hostel for the homeless and drug addicts.

Two years ago, both acts of the horse dispute signed an agreement and the company was acquired by Porta Brno plus, which paid the city 11 million crowns.